Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense

Deep Heritage with Commercial Sensibilities

  • Founded by engineers/entrepreneurs with decades of experience in Aerospace & Defense
  • Maximizing composite materials with innovative solutions
  • Agile, responsive, effective
  • AS9100D certified, 5S, DCAA-approved rate
  • Wide variety of structures and components, supporting airplanes/UAVs, missiles, spacecraft, satellite, military vehicles and shipboard applications, as a Tier 1, 2, or 3 supplier.
  • Knowledge of qualification processes and how to best approach programs for minimum schedule and cost impact

“Well organized, very responsive and proactive.”

Proprietary Aerospace Contractor

Satellite Rover SolarSail


Carbon fiber and other composites are essential to space missions, whether the objective is to discover the origins of the universe or improve communications in remote areas of the globe.

We engineer composite materials in innovative ways to achieve your specific program requirements with out of this world results.

Our team’s heritage includes work on spacecraft and satellite components, optical benches, solar panels, reflector dishes, solar sails, metering stuctures, landing systems and more.

Radomes Jet-F18 Radomes 5G Radomes-Centaur


We are the design house for high-performance, low loss radomes. Our specialty is using the right materials for your application, whether your requirements are high temperature, very low signal loss or minimal cost.

We also integrate electric and radio frequency design functions into mechanical structures, maximizing RF transmission, minimizing RF reflections, integrating electrical circuits and ground planes, and providing shielding from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).

Our team has extensive engineering heritage with fiberglass/epoxy, quartz/cyanate ester, and Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC).

structures SolarSail Satellite Rover


Structures to industrial tubes, we maximize materials to meet the performance objectives of precision programs.

Our knowledgeable team will utilize custom engineered solutions complemented with off-the-shelf options where appropriate. We find innovative ways to exceed schedule and cost objectives while hitting all your critical requirements.

We can design your component from scratch, construct a rapid prototype, test it, or just build to print from your specifications.

sensors Satellite Rover SolarSail


Our sensor team designs and builds unique sensors with novel signal processing and uses mission-specific analytics to extract actionable data.

We specialize in signal detection, radiation detection, RFID and remote sensing, EO/IR sensors, medical devices, and engineering services.

In the words of Dr. Pritchett, “Our sensor solutions often address and solve hard problems that others have not solved in the past. This is our sweet spot.