2020 NFPA Fluid Powered Vehicle Challenge - And the Winner is...

2020 NFPA Fluid Powered Vehicle Challenge - And the Winner is...

Rock West Composites is proud to support STEM programs around the country and this student team in particular. A team of senior mechanical engineering students at the Cleveland State University College of Engineering competed in the 2020 NFPA Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge. They won 1st Place Overall Champion in the competition against 14 other universities from across the country!

Their design objectives included minimized frame weight, minimized frictional loss in the steering system, charging versatility, operational safety, and intuitive controls. You can read more about the various innovations and optimizations outlined on their project design poster. The following video offers a great overview of the project:

Carbon fiber played a large roll in the weight reduction for the frame, which was a top priority in the frame design. The team designed a custom carbon fiber frame. Off-the-shelf tubes provided flexibility in the mounting of components and other design considerations. We consulted with the team on options to help them meet their design objectives.

The winning vehicle’s top speed was 27 mph, and it weighed 171 lbs curbside. Its 600 ft sprint time was 11.4 seconds, 3 seconds faster than last year's competition winner!

Congratulations to the entire team which includes Jake Landry, Ellen Rea, Angela Rodriguez, Sarah Smith and Naik Yusufi, plus faculty advisor Professor Bogdan Kozul. We are so excited for you!

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