5 Reasons we Provide Rapid Carbon Fiber Prototyping

5 Reasons we Provide Rapid Carbon Fiber Prototyping

As experts in composite materials and design, we are also fortunate to be heavily involved in prototyping. We can provide a rapid carbon fiber prototype for your project based on your exact specification. Moreover, we can do it quickly. There is no better way to get your project from the concept stage to full production than with the assistance of Rock West Composites and our prototyping program.

Perhaps your company has never considered prototyping before. If that's the case, it's time to change your way of thinking. Prototyping offers a tremendous number of advantages that really should not be overlooked in today's highly competitive environment.

Below are five reasons we provide rapid carbon fiber prototyping. They are the same reasons you should be embracing prototypes for your business:


It is one thing to put your idea for a new product or part on paper. It is an entirely different matter to hold that piece in your hand for in-depth inspection. Prototyping improves the design process by giving you something tangible that goes beyond CAD drawings and math calculations. A rapid carbon fiber prototype makes the design process even better by getting a part in your hands quicker.

From our perspective, an improved design process means better finished products. There is less guessing involved to get parts from early stage production to completion.



Creating proof-of-concept models has been part of manufacturing for hundreds of years. But the time-consuming and costly nature of developing concept pieces had limited creativity in the past. Well, no more. A rapid carbon fiber prototype can be produced quickly and relatively inexpensively, enabling your company to be more creative in its concepts without having to worry as much about time and expense. More creativity results in better products.


Although we cannot speak for every company in our industry, Rock West Composites helps each and every client determine the key risk factors involved with their project. Even better, we help clients come up with ways to mitigate those risks. Our ultimate goal is to get the client's part or product from the design stage to the point of mass production. We believe that better risk management results in a better manufacturing process down the road.


There are times when we put our prototyping skills to work for a client who is really looking for small run production of a given part rather than an actual prototype. Our prototyping program makes that possible by giving the client access to the technologies and labor necessary for rapid, cost-effective small runs.


One of the most overlooked aspects of a rapid carbon fiber prototype is understanding exactly what will go into manufacturing once the completed part is ready for production. The prototyping process offers an in-depth look at what the final product will actually require. That's a big-time and money saver.

During the prototyping process we can look at different ways of manufacturing including manual layup by way of prepregs. We can look at different types of carbon fiber materials or, where applicable, consider fiberglass or Kevlar. At every step of the journey, we can analyze how different choices will affect the final production, thereby giving the client a blueprint for the most efficient and cost-effective way of moving forward.

Perhaps your company is new to the concept of developing a rapid carbon fiber prototype. We are not, and we're here to lend our expertise as you work to move your project from the design stage to production.