A Day in the Life… Quarterly Meetings

A Day in the Life… Quarterly Meetings

Working at Rock West is always fun, but sometimes challenging because we are a rapidly growing business. One of the strategies we use to help our team succeed and address challenges is to treat every employee like a business owner, which they are.

Today we had our quarterly meeting which covers our company’s financials and business direction. We celebrate our successes, recognize key contributors, discuss our challenges, and review our plans to maximize growth. Everyone has the opportunity to ask questions throughout the presentation to clarify information or better understand the "why" of decisions that affect the larger vision of the business.

It is a major financial investment for the business to have the entire staff at every level of the business take one hour of their day every quarter to hear the CEO discuss sales, orders, EBIT and cash flow. But it is representative of what we value: transparency. Our CEO Jim Gormican says, “People make better decisions if they have better information." This is true in our relationships with employees and customers.

At Rock West, we are all owners through our Employee Stock Option Program and are invested in the success of the business. Understanding the financials helps every employee be a better business owner, whether they are a composites technician or program manager, a facilities tech or staff accountant. Every employee makes a difference.

Our Quarterly Meetings include everyone across all facilities so remote attendance is part of our plan.
All employees from every facility join our Quarterly Meeting updates. People can join in person or via video conferencing.

If you are interested in being a part of a growing business that values its employees and becoming an owner invested in the whole team, learn more about careers with us because we are hiring!