Announcing the Winner of our Quaranvent Design Competition

Announcing the Winner of our Quaranvent Design Competition

Hi everyone! Today is the day we announce the winner of our Quaranvent Design Competition. We’d like the thank all the people who submitted entries, and there were several that we really liked. But there was one that hit all the right points of the competition and won over the voting committee. We offer a big congratulations to Craig Monroe! Craig designed a 15ft lightweight, inflatable backpack kayak. It was something perfect for getting off the beaten path and easy to assemble.

15ft Lightweight Inflatable Backpack Kayak

Craig's inspiration was getting to a pristine natural environment away from other people. Since getting out in nature is more crowded as people seek open spaces to deal with quarantine, hiking would be required to maximize social distancing. But hiking with a kayak for long distances is a challenge and there aren't many market options. The options that exist are awkward or heavy or both.

The concept was to keep the kayak at or below 12 lbs, compact enough to fit in a backpack, 15' long by 24" wide deployed, mostly inflatable, and easy to assemble. The cockpit, bow and stern would be carbon fiber. The connectors would be 3D printed and it would have a Dyneema Skin.

Portable Kayak Backpack Configuration

Craig was inspired by Tim Evan's super lightweight kayaks and inflatable tube tents. He also submitted multiple detailed engineering drawings that we hope to see produced in real life soon. Here's one of the assembled interior.

CAD of Kayak

We are excited for Craig who has won prize money and the title of being this year's design competition winner. And now we will do our part by donating to COVID related causes (recipients to be announced in the next few days).

We will tell you more about the other entries of other competitors in the coming weeks. But in the mean time, congratulations, Craig!!

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