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  1. Launching Mr. Blue Sky

    Launching Mr. Blue Sky

    Georgia Tech students shot for the skies with one of their latest projects with the main goal of designing, building, and then launching a rocket. There are a lot of factors that make rockets difficult to design, including having to account for heat, weight, and durability. Georgia Tech Ramblin’ Rocket Club and Georgia Tech Experimental Rocketry (GTXR) came up with a design for "Mr. Blue Sky" and chose Rock West Composites to provide them with parts needed to make it. Detail of the Rocket (left) and the Georgia Tech Team (right) Our engineering group designed custom fiberglass filament wound tubing with high-temperature resin. Using our tubes, Georgia Tech’s teams pushed what is possible with homemade rocketry design and had a successful launch! The team’s goal for Mr. Blue Sky was to achieve speeds past Mach 3 and reach a height over 100,000 ft. While this first launch did not reach ideal results, only hitting speeds of Mach 1 and a height of 19,000 ft., it still Read more...

Everyday Carbon Fiber

Composites are typically used as a material that is both lightweight and strong. There are many major applications composites can be used for, like marine or space technology. Even then, it is important to admire the smaller, everyday projects for which anyone can use our composites. Meet John Kimball, our Technical & Applications Specialist. He finds joy in working with carbon fiber and likes to utilize it in his own personal projects. Ideally, he likes to create any product that benefits from not only the capabilities of carbon fiber, but its futuristic look as well. Two years ago, John


4 Pieces of PPE for Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass Home Fabricating

As a leading provider of composite materials in Salt Lake City, we frequently sell products to home fabricators. This includes glass and carbon fiber fabrics, tubes, plates, epoxy resins, and even adhesives. Working with any of these materials does pose some amount of risk to human health. As such, we recommend our home fabricating customers be smart about using personal protective equipment (PPE). The pros use appropriate PPE whenever working with carbon or glass fiber. We use PPE at all of our facilities. If you are a home fabricator, you should too. Do not take any chances with your health


What Is Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Tubing

We are extremely proud at Rock West Composites to carry a complete selection of carbon fiber tubing. Our inventory of tubing products continues to grow as well. Among them is unidirectional carbon fiber tubing, the most popular form of tubing we sell. We consider unidirectional tubing the workhorse of our tubing inventory. Unidirectional tubing is so named due to the alignment of the carbon fibers. This post will explain this, and more. Suffice it to say that unidirectional tubing is suitable for a wide range of applications – whether straight up or finished with an outer layer of woven


What Is a Carbon Fiber Veneer and What Is It Used For?

Imagine you are a manufacturer. Choose any product, it doesn't really matter. Imagine your customers wishing you made a carbon fiber model. You don't because you know it would cost too much. Well, we may have a solution for you. That solution is carbon fiber veneers. Rock West Composites specializes in all things carbon fiber. We carry raw materials for DIY and commercial fabrication. We carry finished carbon fiber tubes, prepregs, laminates, and sandwich panels. We even offer prototyping and small-run manufacturing. We say all that to say that veneers are just one small part of the Rock West


Composites 101: An Introduction to Vacuum Bagging

There are numerous ways to fabricate composite parts utilizing carbon fiber and glass fiber. One method is the manual layup, a method that sometimes relies on vacuum bagging to help the materials consolidate more uniformly. Vacuum bagging is a procedure that is utilized both commercially and by DIY fabricators. We have written this post to introduce our readers to the concept of vacuum bagging, what it does, and how it works. Note that we sell vacuum bagging kits and supplies. In fact, we have everything you need to complete manual layups at home or in your professional shop. The Point of