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  1. Why RWC Won a CMS Gold Award from CERN

    Why RWC Won a CMS Gold Award from CERN

    As we announced on social media earlier this month, Rock West Composites (RWC) received the CMS Gold Award for Industry from CERN for “excellence in collaborative design finalization and subsequent fabrication of the BTL-Tracker Support Tube Prototype.” The prototype was designed and built for the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) detector. Rock West Composites was nominated for the award by Purdue University, with whom we worked on this complex and difficult project. Rock West was one of five companies, and the only US company, to get one of these prestigious awards for 2022. But what’s really interesting is the innovation that enabled this project to meet its objectives. The demonstration tube—2.4 meters in diameter by 1 meter long—had to meet all technical requirements, using tools and processes that were scalable to the future version that will be 5.2 meters long, PLUS remain affordable. The length of the future full-scale tube significantly magnifies the complexity and cost Read more...

Even Lighter: Student Motorcycle Racing Team Innovates Their Electric Bike Subframe Design with Rock West Composites

Rock West Composites supports student teams in universities around the country and around the world. We were happy to provide assistance to the Warwick Moto team from the University of Warwick by helping them with with information on carbon development and assembly for the build of their unique 1.3kg subframe. Warwick Moto is a student-led university project building a highly innovative electric superbike, ‘Aurora’, a motorcycle designed around a superbike chassis known for its excellent handling. The interdisciplinary team is made up of 25 students and academics, with superbike


We Now Support the Bike Industry with More Carbon Fiber Tubes

Carbon fiber tubing has been a mainstay of our business since Rock West Composites was first established. Likewise, many of our biggest customers in the tubing department are custom bicycle makers. It is with that in mind that we recently expanded our inventory of carbon fiber tubes and bicycle frame elements in support of building better bikes for consumers. In recent weeks we have tripled our inventory of bicycle frame products, including: head and seat tubes steerer tubes and seat posts top and down tubes chain and seat stays bottom bracket shells. Our goal is to be the one-stop


Highlighting Entries from our Quaranvent Design Competition #3

Here are just a few more highlights from our Quaranvent Design Competition. Venturing out during quarantine can be risky so limiting contamination is key. Our own Pedro Lara created a way to stay safe at home with a foot activated door opener and sanitation station to keep things separated from other parts of the house when you enter. Samuel Douglas created an extremely tough face mask, a project driven by his own experience riding motorcycles and getting hit in the face with a pebble at high speed. He built this project to use as PPE (with a proper carrier) and to protect the


Highlighting Entries from our Quaranvent Design Competition #2

Welcome to our second post highlighting entries from our recent Quaranvent Design Competition. From fitness solutions to artful decor, you'll find creativity in these innovative submissions. Kyle Hawkins, a recent graduate, entered his Hollow Beam Longboard. His goal was to make a skateboard that would "actually put up with carrying around with you after arriving at your destination area (town/city riding) as well as take to your favorite high speed hill without a second thought." Check out this great video on his project.     Perry Benson submitted a design for a


Highlighting Entries from our Quaranvent Design Competition #1

We are highlighting several entries from our recent Quaranvent Design Competition. We had a lot of fun reviewing people's submissions and wanted to share their ideas with all of you. We'll start with a few and share more later. Chris Starnes made a bunk bed for his dogs! He used carbon fiber tubing to help construct this space-saving solution. He did not have enough room in the back of his truck for all of his dogs, and he needed something strong enough to hold their weight without collapsing. This bunk bed will fit any crew cab ford. With a lot of dog lovers and owners on our team, this was