How About a Carbon Fiber Case for Your Carbon Fiber Guitar?

How About a Carbon Fiber Case for Your Carbon Fiber Guitar?

We have used our blog in the past to talk about the carbon fiber acoustic guitar. Carbon fiber guitars are all the rage these days, for obvious reasons. But why stop there? If you are going to purchase a carbon fiber guitar, why not also invest in a carbon fiber case to carry it in? Yes, you can.

Guitar Girl magazine recently profiled one of the latest carbon fiber guitar cases from Crossrock Case Company. Crossrock enjoys a stellar reputation among guitar players after having spent 15 years developing its carbon fiber material. Invest in a Crossrock case and you know you are getting a high-quality piece of equipment.

Image Source: Crossrock

This post is not about Crossrock specifically, so let us move on to talking about why a guitar player might want a carbon fiber case. There are actually more reasons than you might think. And once you realize how perfect carbon fiber is for this purpose, you might wonder why more guitar players don't own carbon fiber cases.

Strength is Number One

The whole point of having a guitar case is to give you something to transport your guitar in. Most important is the protective capabilities of your chosen case. Should you be walking across the stage and suddenly lose your grip on the handle, will dropping the case result in damage to your guitar? You would hope not.

Prior to the advent of the carbon fiber guitar case, musicians had a few other choices: soft-shell, semi-rigid, and hard-shell cases. Soft-shell cases are fabric cases that offer no protection against impact. Semi-rigid cases are a little bit better, but they are still made of flimsy pressboard materials. Hard-shell cases are plastic cases that can stand up to quite a bit of punishment.

Carbon fiber is better than all three because it is extremely strong. For any musician who travels a great deal, strength is the number one concern. You want a case that will withstand drops, blunt force impact, temperature changes, moisture, etc.

Weight is Number Two

Weight is another consideration when you are buying a guitar case. Again, consider a soft-shell case. Your typical soft-shell is a lightweight fabric with a strap attached for easy carrying over the shoulder or across the back. You could attach a strap to a hard-shell case but carrying it across your back would quickly become uncomfortable. It is just too heavy.

Carbon fiber is an ideal guitar case material because it gives you the lower weight of a soft-shell without sacrificing the protection of a hard-shell. A typical carbon fiber guitar case weighs but 5 or 6 pounds – and that is even with padding and hardware included. It is light enough to throw over the shoulder without being uncomfortable.

Security is Number Three

Security is the musician's third concern. Travel overseas with a soft-shell or semi-rigid case and there's no guarantee that your guitar will still be inside once you get off the plane. Even hard-shell cases are fairly easy to get into in short order. Not so for carbon fiber.

A good carbon fiber case with a TSA lock is awfully hard to break in to without considerable effort. That makes it too much trouble for a thief who might attempt to steal a guitar before luggage makes it to baggage claim.

There's a lot to love about carbon fiber as a manufacturing material. When it's used to build guitar cases, it makes musicians very, very happy. Do you play guitar? If so, is your instrument valuable enough to protect with a high-quality carbon fiber case? Think about it.