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  1. Despite carbon fiber being commercially available for decades, we find that there are plenty of opportunities to sell carbon fiber materials to new customers. These are folks who have never used carbon fiber before. They are just getting started as DIY fabricators or commercial operators looking for alternatives to other materials. At any rate, carbon fiber brings a lot to the table. Designed properly, it can be stronger and lighter than aluminum, steel, titanium and even wood. For some applications, there simply is no better composite. Yet choosing to use carbon fiber for the first time opens the door to a whole new way of fabricating. Trust us when we say that fabricating with carbon fiber takes some getting used to. Below is a selection of tips designed for people who have never made a carbon fiber part before. Suffice it to say that it takes time to perfect the art of working with this material. But once you do, you will be able to create all sorts of parts for a variety of Read more...

Dutch Company to Test Temporary Composite Bridges

A nation's infrastructure is critical to daily life. When things go wrong with roads, bridges, etc., people's lives are impacted. And as America's annual summer construction season demonstrates, the impacts often go far beyond mere inconvenience. The question is, can we do anything about it? As long as there is infrastructure there will be a need for maintenance and repair. However, there are two things we can do to minimize the impacts. First is developing new means of building infrastructure so that it lasts longer and requires less maintenance. Second is finding ways to complete repair


Nissan Says It Can Cut the Cost of Automotive Carbon Fiber

If you follow our blog, you know that cost has been the one thing preventing carmakers from going all-in on carbon fiber. They simply cannot justify raising the price of consumer vehicles to accommodate more expensive carbon fiber parts. However, there may be a solution on the horizon. Nissan claims to have developed a fabrication process that cuts the cost of automotive carbon fiber significantly. Car Scoops published an article about Nissan's announcement in early September 2020. The article offered very few details as to how the fabrication process actually works. From what we can tell,


New F1 Seat Showcases the Potential of Natural Fiber Composites

Carbon fiber and F1 racing have been synonymous for years. In fact, some of the greatest developments in carbon fiber technology have resulted from the industry's partnership with auto racing. So it's no surprise when F1 teams push the envelope to come up with new composites and better manufacturing processes. McLaren has done just that by teaming up with Switzerland's Bcomp to design a brand-new seat featuring a flax fiber composite. The seat offers the same strength and stiffness as the older carbon fiber seat on which it was based. But being made with natural fibers, its emissions


Why Make a Stand-Up Kayak with Carbon Fiber?

We are always looking for new applications of composite materials like carbon fiber. One application we recently ran across is a new stand-up kayak designed and built by a company run by former Olympic kayaker Eric Jackson. His creation is a state-of-the-art kayak designed for anglers. Needless to say, it is quite impressive. Jackson's company gave the world a look at his prototype fishing kayak in June. He hopes the publicity combined with a Kickstarter campaign will get the kayak to full production. We hope he succeeds. In the meantime, we thought it might be helpful to answer the question


What's Holding Back Composites in Residential Construction?

The composites industry has proven itself more than capable over the last several decades. Companies like Rock West Composites have demonstrated the viability of composites as replacements for more traditional materials like wood, steel, and aluminum. Our big task now is convincing other industries to embrace more composites. One industry that comes to mind is construction. In particular, residential construction offers a lot of room for composite materials. For example, consider the foundation. A home with a typical basement starts with foundation walls constructed with either poured


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