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  1. Composite materials can be fabricated using a variety of processes. One of the processes we rely on for stock (off the shelf) and custom tubing is roll wrapping. Indeed, we can manufacture vast quantities of tubing using this method.   With roll wrapping, we can customize:   Material – We can roll wrap carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar, natural flax fibers, and hybrid combinations. This gives you the greatest flexibility in terms of your preferred material.   Size – Roll wrapping allows us to customize size by designing mandrels for each job. We can create tubing to your exact specifications for inner and outer diameter. We can also customize wall thickness as well.   Shape – Roll wrapping also allows us to customize shape. You might need a cylindrical tube or something in a hexagon. Maybe you need a straight tube or something with a slight taper. If we can create a mandrel, we can create your custom shape.   Core – Most of our Read more...

Carbon Fiber Hits the High-End Lifestyle Market

Much of what we discuss in our monthly blog posts revolves around carbon fiber in the aerospace, marine, and automotive industries. We also talk about carbon fiber sporting goods quite a bit. What would you say if we told you that the same material that makes airplanes stronger and lighter is also now the darling of the high-end lifestyle market? High-end lifestyle products are targeted at a certain demographic for which budgeting is less of an issue. These are people who are willing to spend a bit more on luxury brands and higher quality. They think nothing of spending hundreds of dollars


From Deep Space to Deep Sea: Carbon Fiber Research Continues

Engineer and technology entrepreneur Elon Musk touted the potential of carbon fiber when he first announced plans to build a spaceship capable of taking humans to Mars. Though Musk and his SpaceX company have since abandoned plans to use carbon fiber, there are others who still believe in its usefulness. NASA is among them. NASA engineers continue to pursue carbon-hulled air and spacecraft for routine use. But now they are taking their expertise to the world's oceans. From deep space to deep sea, carbon fiber is one of the most promising materials NASA has to work with. Researching the


Composites Make Boeing Cargo Drone Possible

Right now is an exciting time to be involved in the composites industry. Composite materials, like glass and carbon fiber, are truly revolutionizing manufacturing. As such, they are also revolutionizing many areas of daily life. From sporting goods to laptop computers, carbon fiber and other composites are transforming the world. It is with this in mind that we are thrilled to know that Boeing is getting ever closer to full production of its massive cargo drone capable of lifting 500 pounds. This is no hobby project. It is a drone outfitted with 6 dual rotors, 12 propellers, and a set of


Does Glass or Carbon Fiber Add Value to Your Project?

Designers have to ask themselves a lot of questions when working on a new project. Take car designers, for example. If there's any thought of introducing glass or carbon fiber parts to a new design, a lot of thought has to go into that design before any concrete decisions are made. Assuming you follow our blog because you or your company utilizes composite materials, what considerations go into your design choices? If you are like most of our clients, cost is always a consideration. We get that. Composite materials can be expensive to work with. But perhaps a more important consideration is


Bio-Resins Make Trains Safer in Fire Emergencies

Imagine being aboard a train as it passes through a rather long tunnel. Unbeknownst to the crew, a fire has started in one of the cars. The train is only halfway through the tunnel before the crew determines it needs to be stopped and evacuated. Now you're in a poorly ventilated tunnel trying to escape a burning train. Unfortunately, what has been described here is not fiction. Multiple train accidents of this nature had been reported in recent decades. Equally unfortunate is the fact that such incidents almost always lead to loss of life due to the high temperatures and toxic smoke such


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