Is Rapid Prototyping Right for Your Project?

Is Rapid Prototyping Right for Your Project?

Rapid prototyping is something we do here at Rock West Composites. Our team is uniquely qualified for rapid prototyping of composite parts thanks to our expert knowledge in material and process selection. We utilize the latest best practices and industry standards for prototyping to give our clients exactly what they are looking for. Our question for you is this: is rapid prototyping right for your project?


To be clear, we offer rapid prototyping as a means of giving our clients a fast and efficient way to bring drawings, specifications, or ideas to life. Through prototyping, we help clients get from the design stage to full production. Best of all, we can prototype both products and manufacturing processes.


The Basics of Rapid Prototyping


Also known more simply as RP, rapid prototyping was first developed in the 1980s. The idea behind it was to create a standard set of techniques that could be implemented quickly to fabricate models prior to manufacture and assembly. CAD design and 3D imaging have been an integral part of RP since the very beginning.


Rapid prototyping in the 21st century is still used primarily to help manufacturers get from design to full production. However, technologies have advanced to the point where the same RP principles can also be used for short run manufacturing. Such capabilities are important to customers in the composites arena.


The thing about composites is that they can be expensive to work with. As such, there are some companies that cannot justify using composites because full-scale production would not be financially viable. Rapid prototyping solves that problem. It allows for small numbers of parts to be created quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


It Starts with a CAD Drawing


Just about every rapid prototyping project starts with a CAD drawing. Our team can work with your existing drawings or produce them for you. In either case, we offer quick turnaround in both tool and part design. We just need the completed drawings and off we go.


We get the fact that CAD drawings are not always set in stone. In fact, this is one of the reasons for prototyping. We create a part the client can then test against drawings, specifications, and real-world conditions. Drawings are then modified for improvements and another part is made.


The advantage of rapid prototyping is speed. Quick turnaround means you are not waiting a long time between each specification change and the next part.


Why Clients Choose Rapid Prototyping


We offer rapid prototyping services to customers in a variety of industries. A lot of our customers choose RP as a means of building their initial lot of parts for testing against their drawings. They rely on prototyping to design processes, measure tolerances, test strength and stiffness, and so forth.


Prototyping is a fantastic way to perfect the design of a given part without investing in full production. Rapid prototyping takes things to the next level by making the process that much faster.


We also have customers who choose rapid prototyping as a means of qualifying for government contracts or demonstrating the ability to perform. Both needs are well served by our prototyping capabilities. We can build any part to your exact specifications using a variety of processes and materials.


So, is rapid prototyping right for your project? Let's sit down and talk about it. Should you determine that RP is what you are after, Rock West Composites is here to help. We are eager to work with you to make your project a tremendous success. Feel free to contact us if you want more information.

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