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  1. Should you decide to use our new website's 'shop by application' tool, you will notice we have a page dedicated to sports and recreation. This category is actually a Rock West Composites staple. It is also one of the hottest categories in our industry as a whole. That is not without reason.   The sports and recreation category is awash with consumer products designed to enhance performance. Let's say you are a golfer. If you are in the market for a new set of clubs, we would be willing to bet that you want a set that makes you a better player. You want clubs that enhance your performance, not detract from it.   Such is the point in applying composite materials to sporting goods. Much of what we carry in the sports and recreation category has to do with composite tubing. However, there are certainly more ways to utilize composite materials to build better sporting goods.   Performance and Weight   One of the ways to increase athletic performance is to deal Read more...

The Composite Espresso Machine Worth $11,000

We like to stay abreast of how manufacturers are using composites in new and unique ways. The more unique, the better. So imagine our delight when we learned of a new espresso machine made by a South African company and sold at a price of $11,000. If you can afford it, this is one espresso machine like no other.   What makes it so expensive? Believe it or not, it's not the materials alone. While composites do add to the price, you are also paying for the design itself. One look at the pictures and you will understand what we're talking about. This is no ordinary countertop espresso


Our Website – Redesigned Just for You!

We have enjoyed great relationships with our customers over the years. If we have learned anything from them, it is the fact that we need to keep up with the latest innovations in composites to best meet their needs. Keeping up involves everything we do, including the website that acts as our online calling card.   You may have noticed that the Rock West Composites website looks a little bit different these days. Actually, it's a lot different. We just launched the latest edition of our site on May 8, 2020 with you in mind. You could say that our website has been redesigned just for you


Our Virtual Workbench Is Ready for You

We try to make our product easy to purchase because we want you to have the fastest and most efficient experience possible. We do this by allowing for modifications of products in the shopping cart before you check out with no phone call required! This is how we bring a highly technical product to your literal workbench without you needing to break out more than a box cutter. You can have your tubes cut and sanded to various tolerances. Or perhaps you need dry ice and insulated packaging special shipping for a prepreg order or other special considerations, like certificates of conformance or


Significant Reduction in Pricing on Carbon Fiber Plate Products!

Efforts & Improvements in Manufacturing Lead to Price Reductions Our team is always working on being a more efficient and cost-effective manufacturer for our customers. This includes continuous improvements to our resin infusion product family of composite plates, which has resulted in greatly reduced costs. We are now passing that savings on to you. Published this month you’ll notice reduced pricing on several of our plate families from 25% to 50%! Plate product families included in this substantial price reduction are our most popular 2x2 twill resin infused plates ranging in


Quaranvent 2020

Rock West Composites 2020 Design Competition Products & Projects Our Community is Engaged in While Quarantined COMPETITION OVERVIEW Rock West Composites invites inventors, students and professionals to participate in our 2020 Quaranvent design competition. Considering the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic Rock West Composites will award cash or in-kind product for the chosen winner on June 25, 2020. Here are a few themes to get the creativity flowing: Meet my quarantine project This is helping me flatten the curve Anthony Fauci would be proud Keep your distance SUBMISSION


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