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  1. Imagine you are a manufacturer. Choose any product, it doesn't really matter. Imagine your customers wishing you made a carbon fiber model. You don't because you know it would cost too much. Well, we may have a solution for you. That solution is carbon fiber veneers. Rock West Composites specializes in all things carbon fiber. We carry raw materials for DIY and commercial fabrication. We carry finished carbon fiber tubes, prepregs, laminates, and sandwich panels. We even offer prototyping and small-run manufacturing. We say all that to say that veneers are just one small part of the Rock West product family. More About the Veneer A carbon fiber veneer is no different than any other veneer except that it is made with carbon fiber fabric and an epoxy resin. A veneer is essentially a thin sheet that is bonded to another material. Sometimes a veneer is used to improve the aesthetic look of a piece. Other times, veneers are part of a material's structure – like in the case of plywood Read more...

Highlighting Entries from our Quaranvent Design Competition #3

Here are just a few more highlights from our Quaranvent Design Competition. Venturing out during quarantine can be risky so limiting contamination is key. Our own Pedro Lara created a way to stay safe at home with a foot activated door opener and sanitation station to keep things separated from other parts of the house when you enter. Samuel Douglas created an extremely tough face mask, a project driven by his own experience riding motorcycles and getting hit in the face with a pebble at high speed. He built this project to use as PPE (with a proper carrier) and to protect the


Highlighting Entries from our Quaranvent Design Competition #2

Welcome to our second post highlighting entries from our recent Quaranvent Design Competition. From fitness solutions to artful decor, you'll find creativity in these innovative submissions. Kyle Hawkins, a recent graduate, entered his Hollow Beam Longboard. His goal was to make a skateboard that would "actually put up with carrying around with you after arriving at your destination area (town/city riding) as well as take to your favorite high speed hill without a second thought." Check out this great video on his project.     Perry Benson submitted a design for a


Highlighting Entries from our Quaranvent Design Competition #1

We are highlighting several entries from our recent Quaranvent Design Competition. We had a lot of fun reviewing people's submissions and wanted to share their ideas with all of you. We'll start with a few and share more later. Chris Starnes made a bunk bed for his dogs! He used carbon fiber tubing to help construct this space-saving solution. He did not have enough room in the back of his truck for all of his dogs, and he needed something strong enough to hold their weight without collapsing. This bunk bed will fit any crew cab ford. With a lot of dog lovers and owners on our team, this was


Mission Impossible: Strawberry Picking

Sometimes it's not just our customers who get creative with our products. Our team members like to get in on the action also. One of our engineers, Brian, was spending hours weeding and picking his strawberry patch. As agricultural labor will tend to do, the gardening was hurting his back and knees​. So he decided to make like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible and dangle over the problematic berry patch! The Problematic Strawberry Patch Using a set of carbon fiber tubes and other hardware, he created a lightweight overhead gantry system to suspend himself over the patch. It worked


Rock West Composites COVID-19 July Update

Dear Valued Customers, With the changing situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to inform you of the current status of Rock West business operations. Rock West Composites is part of the Critical Infrastructure Sectors, and we continue to operate our facilities in San Diego and Salt Lake City in full capacity. At the beginning of April, we suspended operations in our Tijuana, Baja California facility due to a national health emergency declared in Mexico, which was extended until the end of May. The facility is now back at full operational capacity. While recreational travel is currently


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