New Product Line - PRO-SET Epoxies and Adhesives

New Product Line - PRO-SET Epoxies and Adhesives

Rock West Composites is now offering an extensive collection of PRO-SET epoxies and adhesives, which are a great solution for composite lamination, fabrication, and assembly. These epoxies can withstand the harshest of environments and are optimal for today’s high-performance composites manufacturing. PRO-SET epoxies have a long shelf live and can be stored at room temperature. We offer multiple types of epoxies depending on your application: laminating, infusion, high temperature and adhesives.

The PRO-SET laminating epoxies are designed for laminating reinforcement fabrics, resin infusion processes, and bonding many materials, including metal, core materials, and even wood. They cure at room temperature. You can mix and match resins and hardeners to create your own custom blend of cure times and viscosity. With excellent moisture resistance, they are tough against heat and structural fatigue. We also carry PRO-SET absolute clear laminating epoxies that offer colorless clarity and UV stability in addition to offering excellent sandability.

Our PRO-SET infusion epoxies meet strong structural requirements with a room temperature cure and have superior strength with an elevated temperature cure. These are very low viscosity systems designed to work well with modern infusion processes.

PRO-SET high-temperature epoxies offer excellent thermal stability and work when cosmetics matter. These resins are stable in temperatures up to 300°F (149°C) and are moisture, heat and fatigue resistant.

PRO-SET adhesives are pre-thickened, two-part epoxy adhesives used for secondary bonding of laminated composites as well as steel, aluminum, cast iron, concrete, stone, and most woods. They are great for assemblies, offer a wide variety of options (speed, strength, color), and require no welding, fasteners or rivets.

Designed for the professional but also excellent for the DIYer, this new series we offer can meet your projects most demanding structural needs. Check out our PRO-SET epoxies and adhesives now!