Bio-Resins Make Trains Safer in Fire Emergencies

Imagine being aboard a train as it passes through a rather long tunnel. Unbeknownst to the crew, a fire has started in one of the cars. The train is only halfway through the tunnel before the crew determines it needs to be stopped and evacuated. Now you're in a poorly ventilated tunnel trying to escape a burning train. Unfortunately, what has been described here is not fiction. Multiple train accidents of this nature had been reported in recent decades. Equally unfortunate is the fact that such incidents almost always lead to loss of life due to the high temperatures and toxic smoke such


Carbon Fiber Suppliers will be Winners in the Truck Race

Tesla introduced its much-anticipated all-electric semi-truck in late November to quite a bit of fanfare. Meanwhile, a long list of competitors including Daimler, Volkswagen, BYD, Kenworth, and Nikola Motor are working on their own vehicles that are either all-electric or powered by hydrogen fuel cells. All these manufacturers have one thing in common: they are relying heavily on carbon fiber suppliers to provide the lightweight materials they need to make their designs reality. Tesla's 'Founders Series' of semis consists of two trucks, one with a range of 300 miles and the other