Worthy Ideas for Carbon Fiber in Daily Life

Worthy Ideas for Carbon Fiber in Daily Life

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a great idea for a startup, may we suggest you invest in learning how to fabricate with carbon fiber? Even though carbon fiber is not a new material, it has recently come into its own as a material for the masses. It is no longer the exclusive domain of the aerospace and defense sectors.


Making the point is a June 21 story that appeared on the India West website. The story discusses 15 products that the author believes are better if manufactured using carbon fiber. It is interesting to note that most of the products are already available here in the U.S. if you know where to look.


That aside, the lesson of the India West article remains intact: carbon fiber is slowly finding its way into daily life via consumer products that we all use. Best of all, some of the most marketable carbon fiber products do not require an advanced degree in engineering to fabricate.


Drink Coasters


It is hard to imagine walking into any American home and not finding a set of drink coasters. Historically, coasters have been made using everything from plastic to cork and bamboo. India West suggests making them out of carbon fiber. A carbon fiber coaster does what any other coaster would do but with a more contemporary and cutting-edge look. It would certainly impress your guests.


Laptop Cases


We are not quite sure why India West mentioned laptop cases as a novel carbon fiber product given that some of the biggest computer manufacturers in the world have been making them for years. Nonetheless, you could launch your own startup specializing in customized carbon fiber cases. It might be a harder sell because your customers would not be retail consumers; they would be laptop manufacturers. Still, there is money in it.


Kitchen Backsplashes


Your kitchen probably has at least a minimal back splash in the general area of the sink. If your home is more modern, the back splash may extend along the entire length of the counter surface and at least a few inches vertically. India West suggests carbon fiber instead of tiles or other substances. It certainly would hold up to the punishment.


Vehicle Dashboards


Auto makers started using carbon fiber for interior components a number of years ago. We have yet to see a completely carbon fiber dashboard, but such a design is not entirely out of the question. Our guess is that an all-carbon fiber dash will eventually be the norm once the industry figures out how to fabricate them cost-effectively. In the meantime, we will have to settle for a few carbon fiber pieces here and there.




Just about every drone on the market incorporates at least a small amount of carbon fiber – usually in the blades. But as an enterprising business owner, you could get into the business of creating drones with carbon fiber bodies as well. They are not complex in terms of their geometry, so coming up with an efficient production process should not be too difficult.




Another idea on the India West list is the basic nameplate. A carbon fiber nameplate would purse up your desk nicely. It would look cutting-edge hanging on a hotel room door or identifying the restrooms in your office building. Let's face it, nameplates are boring on their own. Make them out of carbon fiber and you take them to an entirely new level.


In all seriousness, carbon fiber is a great manufacturing material. Contact us to learn more about how you might incorporate it into your company's products.