Infinitely Configurable ◾ Design Flexibility ◾ Creative ◾ Strong Yet Lightweight

CARBONNect is a system of joint connector kits that can be used to create an almost infinite variety of structures. We’ve designed this system using three sizes of standard, off-the-self carbon fiber tubes and any carbon fiber plates. Rock West Composites offers the connector kits, kits, tubesplatestoolkits, as well as design and assembly services

Advantages of the CARBONNect™ System

  • Lightweight:  About 1/3 that of aluminum or steel comparable technologies
  • Strong:  Appropriate for aerospace and industrial applications
  • Modular:  Can be reconfigured
  • Mechanical Connections:  Eliminates potential adhesive and bond failures

The product line is made up of 24 different kits, which include connectors made of CNC-machined, aircraft-grade 6061-T6 black anodized aluminum and screws with 170,000 PSI tensile strength.  You can use 1-inch, 1.5-inch and 2.0-inch Interior Diameter (ID) round carbon fiber composite tubing of varying thicknesses and any plate thickness.

*Disclaimer: This data and information shown should not in any way be used for design purposes as actual properties will vary based on many factors including, but not limited to, material variation, loading conditions, environment exposure and others. The end user is ultimately responsible for ensuring the use of our products and/or information is safe for their application. RWC strongly urges users of our products and/or information to seek suitable engineering guidance, including but NOT limited to determining an appropriate factor of safety, when using our products and/or information for any application.

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  • CARBONNect System Components

    CARBONNect System Components

    • Appropriate for aerospace and industrial applications
    • Modular system
    • Mechanical connections
  • Main Blocks and Adapters

    Main Blocks and Adapters

    • Add up to 6 Adapters to 1 Main Block (every side)
    • Assemble 90° angle, “T” corner or any combination joint
    • Use with an Adjustable Connector to form a 360° joint
  • Attach Bracket

    Attach Bracket

    • Attach a strong bracket at any point along a tube
    • Can drill the bracket to attach more specific hardware
    • Use to attach trays or shelves in an enclosure
  • Side Wall Bracket

    Side Wall Bracket

    • Used to attach panels to tubes
    • Add to a frame and create an enclosure
    • Also doubles as an attachment bracket
  • Fixed Connector

    Fixed Connector

    • Form a “T” connection at any point along a tube
    • Use to form handrails
    • Use to form trusses
  • Fixed Angle Adapter

    Fixed Angle Adapter

    • keeps tubes inline to ease design & keep system lightweight
    • Used to build truss structures
    • Joins a main block to an adapter
  • Adjustable Angle Adapter Connector

    Adjustable Angle Adapter Connector

    • Use to connect two tubes to form an adjustable joint
    • Tighten in any position – 180° adjustability
    • Use for truss structures or any structure requiring other than 90° angles
  • Removable Connector

    Removable Connector

    • Form a Removable “T” Connector at any point along a tube
    • Use for easy field assembly and dis-assembly of equipment
    • Use in multiples to remove complete assemblies in one go
  • Adjustable Connector

    Adjustable Connector

    • Use to connect two Main Blocks to form an adjustable joint
    • Tighten in any position – 360° adjustability
    • Use for camera or monitor mounts
  • Mounting Plate

    Mounting Plate

    • Form a solid attachment between a tube and a surface
    • Use to build hand rail systems
    • Use to form antenna mounts
  • CARBONNect Tubes

    CARBONNect Tubes

    • Fabric, filament wound, and ekoa tubing available
    • 1.0", 1.5" and 2.0" tubes
    • Gloss and matte finish options
  • Tool Kits & Accessories

    Tool Kits & Accessories

    • Economy and high end drill jigs available
    • T slot adapters
    • Designed for 1.0", 1.5", and 2.0" tubes
  • Design & Assembly Services

    Design & Assembly Services

    • Design & engineering services
    • Custom assembly
    • Designed for 1.0", 1.5", and 2.0" tubes
  • CARBONNect Instructions

    CARBONNect Instructions

    • Simple & easy to follow instructions
    • Will help you assemble whatever you wish to build using CARBONNect
    • Video or printed instruction available
  • CARBONNect Projects

    CARBONNect Projects

    • Out of the box, ready to build systems
    • Pre-designed projects, removes the guess work
    • Always adding new projects
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