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CARBONNect Instructions


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  • Complete your structure's design
  • List your tube and plate requirements and measurements
  • Prepare your parts list
  • Order your CARBONNect Joint Kits, Tool Kit and carbon fiber tubes and plates from Rock West Composites website. 
    • Our CARBONNect Carbon Fiber Tubes have specific features to make them compatible with dimensional requirements and drilling compatibility. 


  • A flat surface on which to place your equipment and line up hardware
  • Tape – masking tape is fine
  • A fine point permanent marker or something to mark the tubes for drill hole placement
  • An aluminum 90 degree angle or square tube that is ½ the height of your tube and at least as long
  • Wood or plastic dowel to push the internal sleeve into position
  • Power drill


End of Tube Joints

Main Block and Adapters, Adjustable Connectors and Mounting Plates

  • Mark the mounting positions along the tube length using an angle or square tube on a flat surface if you are adding more than one CARBONNect component to a tube
  • Mark positions with a marker and then align the holes of the drill fixture provided in your kit directly over these marked lines
  • Align the drill fixture with the end of the tube and tape into position
  • Using the supplied drill, drill the required holes using light pressure
  • Remove the drill jig and install the Carbon Erector component

Mid-Tube Joints

Attach Brackets, Side Wall Brackets, and Fixed and Removable Connectors

  • Align the bracket in the desired location and use a scribe to mark the mounting hole position
  • Align the drill fixture with the marked mounting positions and tape into position
  • Using the supplied drill, drill the required holes using light pressure
  • Remove the drill jig 
  • Use the wood or plastic dowel to position the sleeve inside the composite tube and then attach. It may help to tape the sleeve to the dowel to more easily maneuver the sleeve and align it with the screw holes
  • Install the CARBONNect component

Send us pictures of your completed project and we might feature it on our website!