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Design & Assembly Services

Design & Engineering For Our CARBONNect System ◾ Custom Assembly ◾ Call Us Today!

Design and Engineering

Does your CARBONNect structure need to meet specific strength, dimensional stability, or other requirements? The Rock West Composites engineering team can assist you in determining the best configuration to meet qualifications for your project. Using modeling and simulation software tools, RWC can predict the behavior of the finished system or structure to be sure it will achieve factors for safety, reliability, stiffness, stress, fatigue, and other points of measure.

Custom Assembly

Our CARBONNect product line is a system that uses mechanical construction and requires no bonding agents. While CARBONNect is designed to be easily constructed, you may not have time to build your design, especially if there are multiple or complex structures to build. Rock West Composites can easily and affordably provide this service for you or your business.