Button Clips

Button Clips

Stainless Steel Button Clip ◾ Single Button Design ◾ Variety of Sizes ◾ Works With INFINITubeV Tubing

Simple, tough, and durable, what more could you need!? All of our button clips are stainless steel too. Drilling is required but adhesive is not.

  • Button clips will work best in 2-tube applications as they will allow for the tubes to collapse 100% within one another, OR
  • Multi-piece systems in which the entire system can be broken down / pulled apart by incorporating ferrule (joining) tubes.
  • For true telescoping action we recommend our INFINTubeV as this tubing lineup is engineered to be easier to drill. Additionally, all wall thicknesses (and gaps between ascending diameters) are matched for all the tubes included (0.25" up to 2.5" in ID).
  • The use of button clips will prevent 3+ tubes from perfectly sleeving within each other due to interference. 
  • Almost any nominally sized OD can be sanded to sleeve within that same nominal size ID; i.e. you can choose a 1.00 x 1.125 x 72 inch tube and have it sanded to fit inside a 1.125 x 1.25 x 72 inch tube. Sanding in this case is required as our stock OD tolerance applies. 

How to Build Your Own INFINITubeV System

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