Stainless Steel Joints

Stainless Steel Joints

316 Stainless Steel ◾ Brushed Finish ◾ Easy Assembly

Made of 316 Stainless Steel - These connectors are not the lightest out there but they look better than the Speed-rails.These connectors would look great as high end office railing systems or in marine applications and can also be used as structural elements in your design - Be sure to use proper bonding techniques (see below).

For the Flush Connectors;

  1. Prepare the inner surface of the carbon fiber tube using the proper Flex Hone (1107 for the 1.5" OD & 1111 for the 2.0" OD tubes recommended)
  2. Select your desired Adhesive (type and quantity)
  3. Make sure to use the 0.012" Bond Line Controller (1030)
  4. Follow instructions provided with Adhesive (mix in a small amount of Bond Line Controller with adhesive)

For the Sleeve Connectors;

  1. These connectors use a set screw to achieve tube "lock" and therefore can be used without any tube preparation. However, if you wish to permanantly fix your set up, you can do so by sanding the portion of the tube that is to be bonded, and applying adhesive of choice to this area.