Contest Rules & Regs

All contests have to have some rules. Here are rules for Quaranvent 2020:

  • ELIGIBILITY: Everyone 18 and older who is a legal citizen of the US is eligible, including employees, customers, suppliers and people otherwise associated with Rock West. No purchase is necessary to participate. Purchases will have no impact on the outcome of the contest.
  • SPONSORS: This is a Rock West Composites' promotion only and is not sponsored by any other organization or social media outlet where we promote the contest. Our contact info is here.
  • AGREE TO THE RULES: By submitting an entry, you are telling us that you are eligible to participate and are OK with the rules.
  • ENTRY PERIOD: The contest submission opportunity begins April 7,2020 and ends May 31, 2020.
  • HOW TO ENTER: Submit your proposal, contact information, and associated files to For more details of what is required, please read the contest announcement's Submission Parameters. You must include all the required information requested to be considered for the competition. You can enter as many times as you like.
  • PRIZES: We are offering a mix of cash, donations, or products. The winner gets to chose which of three options they will be awarded. Option 1 - $1000 cash to the winner and $2000 to help those impacted by COVID-19. Option 2 - $2000 in value of Rock West Composites product. Option 3 - $3000 cash donation to help those impacted by COVID-19. NOTE: If Option 1 or 2 is selected, the winner will be required to fill out appropriate tax forms and be liable for paying tax on the winnings (cash or cash value). A social security number or tax ID number will be required before the prize can be awarded. If Option 2 is selected, the winner will be responsible for the cost of the shipment of selected products. If Options 1 or 3 are selected, Rock West Composites will select reputable charities to directly donate the cash and will publish the receiving organization and the amount donated. Possible organizations include food banks, those that provide personal protective equipment for health care workers, or others that are working on the COVID-19 response.
  • ODDS OF WINNING: Odds are determined by the number of eligible entries and how amazing the entries are.
  • DETERMINING THE WINNER: Our team, made up of engineers and our business team will decide the winner based on the following criteria: innovation and uniqueness of the idea, the usefulness of the product, potential business case, and potential use of Rock West Composites' material. The team will convene after the entry deadline to review submissions and determine a winner. The winner will be announced on June 25, 2020, via our website and other media outlets and communicated to the winner via email. Rock West requires that the winner select their prize option and fill out the appropriate forms. Contestants are responsible for checking their messages including junk mail. If the contestant doesn't respond with the appropriate documentation within 10 business days, a new winner will be selected.
  • RIGHTS OF THE CONTESTANT AND SPONSOR: By entering, the contestant acknowledges that the sponsor, Rock West Composites, Inc., and its agents have the right to publish all contestant's submitted material (name, project information, pictures, etc.) except their contact information, via traditional or electronic methods for marketing purposes in perpetuity. The contests will retain the ownership to their physical work and intellectual property. By submitting an entry, all contestants are declaring that the work they are submitting is their original work and does not violate anyone else's proprietary or intellectual property rights.
  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS: We reserve the right to modify or cancel this contest if operations are impacted by unforeseen events, including business disruption caused by COVID-19, earthquakes, or other uncontrollable events.
  • LIMITATION OF LIABILITY/DISPUTES: By entering you agree to release Rock West Composites, Inc. and its agents from liability from any claims of loss or harm directly related to or around this contest. This contest is governed by the laws of California, USA.
  • PRIVACY: We will not share the personal information of our contestants, except as described above. See our Privacy Policy.