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Composite Machining

Composite Machining

Experts at Machining Composites ▪ Fast Turnaround ▪ Competitive Pricing

We know how to manufacture composites, and we know how to machine them. Let us do the work for you because not every machine shop is experienced in machining composites. Experience matters! Plus, this one-stop shopping experience will save you time versus you receiving an unfinished tube and then having to wait for another source to perform machining. And of course, our pricing is competitive.

Most all our services are available when you place your order online, but for a few you may need to call in for a quote as noted below:

  • Precision cutting 
  • Precision hole drilling (available through website and request for quote)
  • Precision machining of tubes and flat plate (request for quote)
  • Waterjet cutting 
  • Sanding