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Other Custom Structures

Other Custom Structures

Build-to-Print or Custom Composite Products ▪ Materials and Process Expertise

Rock West Composites manufactures more than just high quality tubes and plates. We can also build your composite design, either as a “build to print” or to your specification.

For build-to-print parts you specify the materials, the layup, shapes, dimensions and tolerances. We will provide feedback on those items that are cost drivers and determine if any substitutions could help save cost or improve performance.

For build-to-specification parts, you can provide concept sketches or simply tell us what your structure needs to do – withstand certain loads, maximum allowed deflections, weight, precision, operating temperatures, etc. You provide your sketches and then we recommend a design for your approval. Our bid process is structured to maximize the use of your time – our questions will quickly determine if we are the right fit for you and to help align expectations.