Experts in High Performance, Low Loss Radomes ▪ Materials Expertise

We are experts in the design of high-performance radomes (radar domes) for both military and commercial applications. Our specialty is using the right materials for your applications including: fiberglass/epoxy for low cost, quartz/cyanate ester for very low loss radomes, and Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) for extreme high-temperature applications. For high-speed radomes, CMCs are fiber-reinforced ceramics, allowing holes to be drilled just like more traditional composite materials. We will help you select the most appropriate material and design for your project requirements.

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Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help:

  • Minimize transmission loss
  • Ensure your integrated design meets RF, mechanical, and environmental requirements
  • Produce a rapid prototype and complete initial or low rate production
  • Design for manufacturability and affordability
  • Coordinate integrated qualification testing to address all requirements


Engineers face unique challenges when designing radomes, whether it is for aircraft, ships or ground-vehicles. Some considerations that can impact design include:

  • Damage tolerance
  • Overheating of the radome or the antenna
  • Environmental issues (lighting strikes, bird strike, hail strike, rain erosion, etc.)
  • Strength and precision
  • Manufacturability


Our designs can address any and all of the following:

  • Minimal RF attenuation/low loss of signal
  • High transmission
  • High power
  • High temperature (-65°F to +185°F, or >1000°F)
  • Broad bandwidth
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) filters
  • Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS)
  • Rain and particle erosion
  • Lightning protection
  • Bird impact
  • Hail impact


Our high-performance radomes can be designed to work in the following bandwidths:

  • L-band
  • S-band
  • C-band
  • X-band
  • Ku-band
  • Ka-band
  • Q-band
  • E-band
  • V-band
  • W-band
  • Multi-band
  • Multi-spectral

An example of the RF performance achieved by one of our radomes designs is shown in the figure below.

Radome Performance Graph