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5G Radomes

Experts in low loss, broadband radomes ◾ Materials expertise

We are experts in the design of broadband radomes (radar domes) for both military and commercial applications. Our specialty is using the right materials for your applications ranging from fiberglass/epoxy and other innovative low loss materials, to higher performance more complex designs. We will help you select the most appropriate material and design for your project requirements. If you have questions, call our San Diego office at 858-537-6260 or request a quote.


Radome Design Assistance

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help:

  • Minimize transmission loss over 2-40 GHz
  • Ensure your integrated design meets RF, mechanical, and environmental requirements
  • Produce a rapid prototype and complete initial or low rate production
  • Design for manufacturability and affordability
  • Coordinate integrated qualification testing to address all requirements
  • Complexity and cost vary with how broadband it must be

Radome design challenges

Engineers face unique challenges when designing radomes, whether it is for airborne, maritime or ground applications. Some considerations that can impact design include:

  • Damage tolerance
  • Manufacturability


Center of Excellence: Multidisciplinary Projects

We let the experts do their thing. Our team works across facilities to make sure programs are executed in a timely and cost effective manner using the right people for the right part of the job. For example, we've had programs with low CTE and extremely tight structural requirements. Our San Diego engineers designed the structure and incorporated several products from our Utah store. Our manufacturing team back in San Diego constructed the final product using both off-the-shelf and custom solutions. This enabled lower cost and faster delivery for a customer who could not afford aerospace prime pricing. This was not an exception. It's how we model our business. And we can do the same thing for your programs, saving you time and money.

Multidisciplinary Projects


Case Study

Low Cost Fiberglass Radomes for 5G Lamp Posts


Low Cost 5G Radomes


Communications. 5G cell towers, RF transmission.

Previous Limiting Technology

Radomes can be complex and expensive structures depending on the application. Mass producing these composite structures can be expensive and difficult.


The customer requested development of a durable, low cost and easy-to-mass-produce radome to house 5G transmission equipment hidden within city lamp poles. The previous ABS solution degraded too much over time and began to crack.


Rock West utilized thin composite fiberglass material bonded to aluminum caps that fit within the lamp posts. This provided for a seamless (hidden) 5G radome that met cost, RF transmission and durability requirements.

Product/Service Areas

Radomes, Communications