Wide variety of composite manufacturing processes ◾ Optimize for efficiency and cost ◾ Experienced team and expansive facilities

Whether it's a simple tube or a very complex, highly engineered structure, we have the experience and engineering background to recommend and manufacture the best solution for your unique application. Rock West Composites employs a wide variety of techniques to produce its products. Our equipment list is extensive and is supported by local resources if necessary. So you will always get the highest quality, most efficient, and cost effective end product.


Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing Processes & Services

Our processes include roll wrapping, filament winding, bladder molding, resin infusion, modified closed mold, and compression molding. We have equipment centralized in specialized production cells to most effectively produce your hardware. And since composite require some specific handling to machine or bond properly, our expertise can make your job easier. We offer composites machining, bonding, and assembly services for all our customers.


Our Facilities

With several locations intent on providing the best composite services, we focus specialties in certain areas to maximize effectiveness. With over 100,000 square feet of combined manufacturing and office space between facilities in San Diego, Salt Lake City and Baja California, we are adept at moving jobs between locations depending on program requirements so you can get the highest quality product for the best value. Read more about our facilities, equipment, and centers of excellence.


From Development to Production

Rock West Composites can support your program at any point in its lifecycle. From product development, design, and tooling to prototyping and production, we've got you covered. Our product specialties run the gamut, but are not limited to what we talk about here. If it uses advanced materials, our team has probably done it before. But know that we can help you when you need it. Find out more about the types of service we offer!


Qualification Testing

Many programs require significant testing, and it can be a convoluted path to reach the final qualification for your customer. Rock West Composites can help you with the planning, coordination, and execution of a variety of qualification tests for many common and uncommon requirements. We strategize to perform tests in an order which we will allow for design refinement and avoid retesting, or achieve multiple test requirements in a single test article or series. And we can build test articles for that purpose.

Our Development Team

Our development group has extensive experience in maximizing the use of advanced materials for high-performance applications. With an average of 20 years of experience, our team has the creative problem-solving skills required to meet the most demanding requirements.