Development Team

Development Team

Senior team ◾ Aerospace prime contractor experience ◾ Materials expertise

Our development group has extensive experience in maximizing the use of advanced materials for high-performance applications. With an average of 20 years experience, our team has the creative problem solving skills required to meet the most demanding requirements.

Customers come to us to help them realize their inventions. This can range from having Rock West build their prototypes to their sketches or drawings, to having Rock West figure out major design elements and/or conduct research and development. First, we listen to you. Then, if we believe we can be of assistance, we propose what aspects we believe in which you need our assistance. We will address all issues of proprietary information, intellectual property rights, and finances. Diverse projects we have supported include ultra-light, high strength composite sucker rods for the oil pumping industry, small tracking devices for tracking how food moves through the human's GI system, and new radome tuning processes that can enhance transmission and/or reduce manufacturing costs.

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