Resin Infusion

Resin Infusion

Cost effective & structurally sound◾ Composite plate ◾Complex geometric parts◾Our RTM/VARTM

This method can be used for projects requiring composite structures that are small or extremely large. We use it primarily for large flat plate stock (10’+), and it is a great method when an autoclave is not available and or the cost of operating an autoclave is unjustifiable.

What is the resin infusion process?

A vacuum is generally created using a vacuum pump or a vacuum generator (uses compressed air to generate vacuum).

  • Resin is mixed in appropriate ratios and de-gassed
  • The laminate is simultaneously vacuum bagged and sealed awaiting Infusion
  • The next step is to introduce the resin. Pre-mixed and de-gassed resin is pulled from one end of the laminate to the other, assisted by vacuum, thereby filling all voids in the carbon fiber material
  • Once completely infused, the hoses are sealed off and left to cure.

After curing, the solid composite form is extracted from the mandrel as a tube. In the case of a tank or other closed end vessel, the mandrel could be left inside the composite form or dissolved out via various methods.


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