Frac Plugs

Frac Plug Composite Lower Slips


Frac Plug Composite Lower Slips




Energy. Oil and gas down hole application.

Previous Limiting Technology

Many “composite frac plugs” still utilize metallic lower slips since the slips are so highly loaded during plug set. The metallic slips can take the load, but are more difficult to drill out after the frac.


The customer requested development of a composite lower slip that could withstand the high loads yet still drill out as easily as the rest of the composite plug. The slips were required to resist the high loads at a temperature as high as 300 degrees F.


Rock West compression molded slip “petals” using a short 2” glass fiber with phenolic resin. The slips are held together on the plug using two thin filament wound rings.

Product/Service Areas

Down Hole Applications, Filament Winding, Compression Molding