Simpson - HANS Device

Simpson - HANS Device


Sporting Goods HANS Safety Device




Motorsports. Head and neck safety device.

Previous Limiting Technology

Fiberglass/plastic molding.


Create a lightweight head/neck restraint device that can be worn by a racecar driver during competition without limiting head mobility/visibility/fatigue/comfort.  Withstand up to 10 G frontal impact without failure.  Limited and very specific ultimate failure position allowed at even the highest of loads.  High gloss, retail show quality surface required with in-molded graphics capable of withstanding acetone/high octane fuel environment.


Standard and intermediate modulus carbon fiber/epoxy composite bladder molded structure weighing less than one pound (390 gms).  Fits like a collar around the neck and beneath the shoulder safety straps tethering onto the back and sides of the helmet.  Worldwide sales in the tens of thousands of units saving many, many drivers’ lives!

Product/Service Areas

Other Custom Structures, Production, Bladder Molding