Telescope Conversion Project

Telescope Conversion Project


CARBONNect Used to Convert Telescope to Collapsible Structure




Our customer is an amateur astronomer who has a telescope of the Newtonian design, a Z12 Dobsonian from Zhumell. Unfortunately, the telescope was too large to fit into his car for the road trips he takes to find dark skies. He had been working on a design that would allow him to modify the telescope structure to mimic other collapsible models, a daunting project since it is a destructive process involving an expensive piece of hardware.

He decided to try out Rock West Composites' CARBONNect system and carbon fiber tubes for the modified truss structure. The structure required a high level of stiffness in order to maintain adequate mirror alignment, which made carbon fiber tubes very attractive. The CARBONNect joints are also very solid and provided excellent stability for the housing. The project required a mix of mounting plates and attach brackets, along with the carbon fiber tubes.


CARBONNect. The project took about two weeks in small increments of time and in the end was very successful. Now he can fit the telescope in his car for road trips and deploy the structure in about 5 minutes!