Optimize specifications, processes & risk mitigation ◾ Rapid prototypes of composite products

We excel at the rapid production of cost-effective, proof-of-concept models. Our knowledge of and expertise with composite products and materials play a huge role in helping our clients achieve success. A significant number of our larger production projects start with our customers at the prototype level. If you have questions, call our San Diego office at 858-537-6260 or request a quote.

Prototyping Capabilities

  • Expert knowledge for material selection
  • Expert knowledge for process selection
  • CAD – quick turn-around tool and part design
  • Rapid prototyping (local RP suppliers)
  • Composite wet layup / prepreg
  • Surfacing and paint

Why Use Us For Composite Prototyping?

Rock West Composites can help by:

  • Building to your drawings, specifications, or ideas
  • Determining the key risks and how to avoid them
  • Building the first units and determining best processes, achievable tolerances, lowest weight, highest strength, and right stiffness
  • Testing the first units to qualify to government or other specifications and demonstrating levels of performance

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