Increased Manufacturing Capacity

Expanded, extensive composite manufacturing facilities ◾ Organized production cells for maximum efficiency ◾ Locations include Utah and the CaliBaja Mega Region

Rock West Composites now has over 190,000 square feet of combined manufacturing and office space between facilities in San Diego, Salt Lake City and Baja California. We focus specialties in certain areas to maximize effectiveness, and we are adept at moving jobs between locations depending on program requirements so you can get the highest quality product for the best value. These venues are ideally suited to the manufacture of products made from carbon fiber composite materials due to the regions' history of aerospace and commercial composites production.


New, World-class Headquarters

Our new headquarters houses the corporate offices, engineering, product development, and manufacturing centered around prototyping and production. The entire space is not fully utilized, and the company is positioned for significant growth. The location is also close to the border with easy access to the company’s Mexico plant, which specializes in high-volume production.

The plant will be able to accommodate large scale composites production and significant new capital equipment with the intention of growing the company’s already expansive capabilities to meet the space requirements of the expanding business. The new facility has an adaptive infrastructure that allows for rapid refitting of manufacturing areas to accommodate new program requirements. There are clean room areas with varying levels of classification to accommodate customer needs. We have everything you need to make your program successful!




Filament Winding Capacity

Our Salt Lake City facility has an entire 20,000 sq ft manufacturing bay dedicated to the filament winding process, including wet tow and tow-preg winding, accommodating tubes in lengths up to 22 ft and diameters up to 30 inches. We have custom resin mixing and dispensing systems for precise resin mix ratios to assure mixing accuracy and consistency. Co-located for improved efficiency are several ovens, an extended length hydraulic mandrel extractor, and mandrel storage. If you need custom filament wound tubing, this is the place.




Affordable, High-Touch Labor Capacity

Some programs require an extensive amount of hands-on labor. Our Baja California manufacturing facility was established to help keep costs down for specific types of high volume jobs that also involve high touch labor. For programs that require roll wrapping, resin infusion, and bladder molding, this facility enables us to offer globally competitive pricing.



We're Ready Now

Rock West Composites is ready for you. With expertise all the way from concept development, engineering and design, FEA analysis, prototyping, testing to high volume production, we can help you at any point in your product's lifecycle. Contact us today!