Experts in high performance, low loss radomes ◾ Materials expertise

We are experts in the design of high-performance radomes (radar domes) for both military and commercial applications. Our specialty is using the right materials for your applications including fiberglass/epoxy for low cost, quartz/cyanate ester for very low loss radomes, and Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) for extreme high-temperature applications. For high-speed radomes, CMCs are fiber-reinforced ceramics, allowing holes to be drilled just like more traditional composite materials. We will help you select the most appropriate material and design for your project requirements. If you have questions, call our San Diego office at 858-537-6260 or request a quote.

Video - High-performance Radomes

Radome Design Assistance

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help:

  • Minimize transmission loss
  • Ensure your integrated design meets RF, mechanical, and environmental requirements
  • Produce a rapid prototype and complete initial or low rate production
  • Design for manufacturability and affordability
  • Coordinate integrated qualification testing to address all requirements

Radome design challenges

Engineers face unique challenges when designing radomes, whether it is for aircraft, ships or ground-vehicles. Some considerations that can impact design include:

  • Damage tolerance
  • Overheating of the radome or the antenna
  • Environmental issues (lighting strikes, bird strike, hail strike, rain erosion, etc.)
  • Strength and precision
  • Manufacturability

Radome requirements

Our designs can address any and all of the following:

  • Minimal RF attenuation/low loss of signal
  • High transmission
  • High power
  • High temperature (-65°F to +185°F, or >1000°F)
  • Broad bandwidth
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) filters
  • Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS)
  • Rain and particle erosion
  • Lightning protection
  • Bird impact
  • Hail impact

Radome frequencies

Our high-performance radomes can be designed to work in the following bandwidths:

  • L-band
  • S-band
  • C-band
  • X-band
  • Ku-band
  • Ka-band
  • Q-band
  • E-band
  • V-band
  • W-band
  • Multi-band
  • Multi-spectral

An example of the RF performance achieved by one of our radomes designs is shown in the figure below.

Radome Performance Graph