Aerospace Composite Tubular Structures

Aerospace Tubular Structures

Wet and dry tow filament winding ◾ Assembly, paint, coatings◾Non-destructive testing◾ AS9100D certified, ITAR registered

Rock West Composites specializes in build-to-print and custom-developed aerospace tubular components and systems. Our aerospace composite tube manufacturing processes include a variety of fabrication methods, assembly, cleaning, paint and coatings, and nondestructive testing. Manufacturing methods include but are not limited to dry and wet tow filament winding, roll wrapping, and resin infusion. We produce aerospace carbon fiber tubes that are used in a wide variety of programs spanning the space, commercial, military, business aircraft and unmanned aerial system sectors. Our experienced team has the knowledge to get you through the process, from design to finished product, qualified, on time, on budget and within requirements. If you have questions, call our San Diego office at 858-537-6260 or request a quote.


Aerospace Composite Tubular Structures

Aerospace composite tubing system applications include:

  • Fuel systems
  • Hydraulics
  • Cabin air
  • Oxygen systems
  • Engine bleed
  • Anti-icing
  • Exhaust systems
  • Missile fuselage components
  • Aerospace struts and rods

We are AS9100 certified, ITAR registered and offer multiple levels of clean room environments. Our engineering and program management are world class. Our commitment to excellent customer service and relentless execution are unmatched.