Composite Aerostructure Component Manufacturing

Aerostructure Component Manufacturing

Complex carbon fiber structures ◾ Autoclave, out-of-autoclave and high temperature composites◾ Assembly, paint, coatings◾AS9100D certified

With a long history of experience and know-how, we partner with major aircraft OEMs to design, build, test and integrate composite structures and components. We manufacture complex carbon fiber structures and assemblies for a wide variety of aircraft and applications. Advanced materials include thermoset composites, thermoplastics, autoclave and out-of-autoclave composites, and high temperature composites. Our in-house painting and surface treatment facilities in San Diego allow all composites to depart fully completed from our factory, with all necessary approvals and process authentications. Our experienced team has the knowledge to get you through the process, from design to finished product, qualified, on time, on budget and within requirements. If you have questions, call our San Diego office at 858-537-6260 or request a quote.


Composite Aerostructure Components

Leveraging the expertise and capabilities across Rock West Composites, our team can provide detail components for the following aerostructure applications:

  • Nacelles and pylons (inlets, fan cowls, thrust reversers, exhausts)
  • Doors (passenger, cargo, landing gear, utility ramps)
  • Flight-controls (ailerons, flaps, slats and spoilers)
  • Empennage (rudders and elevators)
  • Specialized military flight structures
  • Struts and rods
  • Fuselage components
  • Missile components

We are AS9100 certified, ITAR registered and offer multiple levels of clean room environments. Our engineering and program management are world class. Our commitment to excellent customer service and relentless execution are unmatched.