Dimensionally Stable Structures

Dimensionally Stable Structures

Maintain critical dimensions in challenging environments ◾ Balance affordability with precision

Our engineers have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of dimensionally stable structures — structures that need to maintain critical dimensions through a range of temperatures and/or moisture conditions. By utilizing composites and other advanced materials, we can work with you in the all phases of development including system design, component design, and manufacture of the finished product.

Rock West Composites balances affordability and precision by taking a commercial approach. For example, we can provide a cost-effective composite design with 20X less distortion than its aluminum counterpart. While you could reduce that distortion by another factor of 10X, it would be at substantially higher cost and may not be necessary for your final application. If you have questions, call our San Diego office at 858-537-6260 or request a quote.

When to use dimensionally stable composite structures

  • Precision equipment that must work through a range of temperature and/or moisture conditions
  • Sensor support structures requiring high stiffness or precision adjustability

Potential applications for dimensionally stable composite structures

  • Optical benches
  • Microwave towers
  • Optical telescopes
  • Radio telescopes
  • Instrument structures
  • Test fixtures