Composites for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Systems

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Carbon fiber flight structures, fuselage, wings, empennage ◾ From CFRP motor support tubes to machined carbon fiber plate for drone chassis ◾ Lightweight ground support/field equipment

Our team at Rock West has extensive experience with unmanned aerial vehicles and systems. Carbon fiber is a natural choice for such applications due to its lightweight properties. We offer design, engineering, analysis, prototyping, and manufacturing for individual components or complete assemblies, whether it's for flight structures or lightweight field support equipment. Our breadth of experience includes understanding the variety of materials needed and requirements for diverse operational environments. We have all the raw materials in-house for most work we produce. We make our own tooling, reducing risk and schedule impact. Our experienced team has the knowledge to get you through the process, from design to finished product, qualified, on time, on budget and within requirements. If you have questions, call our San Diego office at 858-537-6260 or request a quote.