Composites for Maritime Applications


High-performance materials for maritime applications ◾ Lightweight, corrosion resistant ◾ Extensive engineering, tooling and testing capabilities ◾ Fast turnaround, cost effective

Composite materials are used throughout the maritime industry due to the materials' lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties. But finding a provider/partner who is responsive, flexible, cost-effective and fast is another problem entirely. Rock West Composites is the answer to that problem. With a team of experts who understand both composites and engineering for marine applications, you can find a variety of solutions to your requirements, from off-the-shelf products to full-service custom product development. We bring a talented and experienced team with the facilities and resources to provide the best competitive answer for our customers. If you have questions about our custom services, call us or request a quote. Or read more about our off-the-self Marine products.



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