Fabrics, Pre Pregs & Tow

Fabrics, Pre Pregs & Tow

Standard & Intermediate Modulus ◾ High & ultra High Modulus ◾ Ekoa "Flax" Fiber ◾ Fiberglass ◾ Aramid (Kevlar)

Composite materials offer an array of benefits, the biggest being the weight savings. Whether you're looking for composite dry fabric, resin infused fabric (prepreg) or dry composite tow. Rock West has what you're looking for. If we do not have it, we CAN find it. For more information regarding some of the materials we offer you can "click" on the "material data" below this paragraph.


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  • Prepregs


    • Go-To for aerospace, medical and other demanding applications
    • Prepreg is simple to use, process and generates minimal mess
    • Various composites available as prepreg
  • Carbon Fiber Fabric

    Carbon Fiber Fabric

    • Quality assortment of carbon fiber materials
    • Most in stock and ready to ship same day
    • Fibers are most often used in aerospace automotive applications
  • Carbon Fiber Dry Tow

    Carbon Fiber Dry Tow

    • Carbon tow is used to strengthen parts with directional degree patterns
    • We use the dry tow in our filament winding processes
    • Available in various modulus's
  • Carbon-Kevlar Hybrid Fabric

    Carbon-Kevlar Hybrid Fabric

    • Great aesthetic
    • Excellent choice if you are trying to balance great strength &f stiffness in your laminate
    • Offers resistance in impact and abrasion specific applications
  • Kevlar / Aramid

    Kevlar / Aramid

    • Lightweight & Strong
    • Incredibly tough, yet easy enough to work with
    • Rated primarily for industrial applications including sporting goods, boats & as reinforcements in other composite structures
  • Fiberglass


    • Fiberglass is a strong lightweight composite material
    • More economically priced when compared to carbon fiber
    • Great for molding into complex shapes
  • Ekoa

    Ekoa "Flax" Fiber

    • Ekoa®, is made of flax linen fabric + bio-epoxy
    • Provides strength, vibration damping and is lighter than carbon fiber
    • Very good compatibility with all carbon fiber types
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