Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber Sheet - 2x2 Twill Weave - 24" (620mm) x 39" (1000mm) x 0.047" (1.2mm)

Sku: CFTP-TH01.2
Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber Sheet - 2x2 Twill Weave - 24" (620mm) x 39" (1000mm) x 0.047" (1.2mm)
Sku: CFTP-TH01.2
Surface finish determined by your mold surface & processing parameters
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Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber Plate ◾ 2x2 Twill ◾ Heat To Form & Repeat ◾ Surface Finish Determined by Your Mold

Welcome to the future of composites! We've teamed up with INEOS Styrolution to offer select products from their growing catalog of thermoplastic carbon & glass fiber sheets. Unlike thermosets (99% of what we already make and sell), thermoplastics offer far quicker processing times which is why they are seen more and more in automotive manufacturing where cost and cycle time are paramount to the success of the product. Simply heat, apply pressure and let cool. StyLight® is a semi-finished thermoplastic sheet made of real 2x2 twill woven carbon fiber . The product consists of a composite material based on a modified SAN matrix and diverse fiber textile (carbon fabric, glass fabric, or glass NCF) for semi-structural aesthetic applications or purely structural applications. The sheets have a thickness from 0,25 mm up to 3 mm and a maximum size of 0,62 m width times 1 m length. Special dimensions in length are available on request.

Commonly used technologies for “aesthetic carbon fibre parts” are based on thermoset resins: Either a carbon textile is pre- impregnated with Epoxy and then typically cured in Autoclaves with multiple hours cycle time, or a dry carbon woven fabric is draped on a plastic substrate and then impregnated with PU resin. In both cases, the main challenge with these technologies is to prevent the sensitive carbon fabric pattern to be disrupted during the draping and the impregnation process resulting in visible surface defects.

With StyLight® carbon sheet, the woven fabric is already in the SAN matrix and delivered as a laminate. This is limiting the risk for the fibre to move during the thermoforming process. The cycle time will be closer to a couple of minutes, and the parts can be back injection molded with a compatible thermoplastic. This new technology is resulting in a lower reject rate, labor and processing cost, suitable for large quantity manufacturing, and allows function integration in the back injection molding. Moreover, it requires significantly less surface treatment before clear coating. StyLight is a cost effective solution easier to process than alternative transparent thermoplastic composites based on TPU or PC and it has been approved according to industry standards in Automotive, Electronics and Toys, Sports & Leisure applications.

Common Applications

  • Automotive: Decorative carbon fiber parts, consoles, body panels
  • Electronic Devices: Drones, back covers for mobile phones and tablets
  • Sports / Toys / Liesure: Sports protection, shoe soles, helmets
  • Ready for machining or waterjet cutting
  • Household: decorative, & so much more

Key Properties

  • Superior impact strength
  • great rigidity, stiffness
  • dimensional stability
  • 45% Fiber content
  • Lightweight, 245 g/m^2
  • Density: 1400 kg/m^3

 Processing Conditions  Unit   Carbon Fiber   Glass Fiber 
 Sheet temperature range at pre-heating*  °C   240 - 280 (<4min) 
 Sheet temperature range before mold closing   °C   200 
 Mold closing speed (speed for draping)  mm/s   >7  >5
 Consolidation pressure**  MPa  0.5 - 2  
 Mold temperature range  °C   140 - 200*** 
 Demolding Temperature  °C   <95 
 Drying   not necessary
 Mechanical Properties (0° Fiber Direction)  Unit   Carbon Fiber   Glass Fiber 
 Tensile modulus, 23°C (ISO 527-4)  MPa  53900 23900
 Tensile strength, 23°C (ISO (527-4)  MPa  520 490
 Tensile elongation, 23°C (ISO 527-4)  %  1.0 2.6
 Flexural modulus, 23°C (ISO 14125)  MPa  45900 25500
 Flexural strength, 23°C (ISO 14125)  MPa  770 720
 Thermal Properties Unit   Carbon Fiber  Glass Fiber
 Heat deflection temperature (annealed 4 h/80 °C; 1.8 MPa)    °C  108
 Coefficient of linear thermal expansion  10^(-6)/°C   - 13
 Thermal Conductivity (DIN 52612-1)  W/(m K)  - -
 Tg, Glass Transition Temperature (ISO 75)  °C  110
 Moisture Absorption, equilibrium 23 °C/50% RH  % - 0.08

*depending on transport time to the mold **highly depending on shape ***variotherm process required

Additional Information

Additional Information

Application General
Color Black
Materials Standard Modulus Carbon
Panel Thickness
Pattern 2X2 Twill Weave
Plate And Panel Finish Matte / Matte


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