STRATOPlate Space Rated Plate

<h2 class="usp">Low Outgassing Cyanate Ester & Low CTE Layups &#9726; High Modulus M55J Carbon Fiber with Low Moisture Uptake &#9726; Full Traceability with Pedigree and Test Data &#9726; Ability to Build to Your Spec </h2> <p>Rock West's STRATOPlate lineup features Toray's M55J carbon fiber paired with the industry leading F33 cyanate ester resin system from Patz Materials & Technologies. This combination comes with years of pedigree and Low Earth Orbit mission success. Pairing Rock West's space heritage and your demanding flight specifications Rock West is poised to cut your lead times in half or better. These plates are autoclave cured and for the first time ever, this advanced material is being offered via COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) purchaseable means reducing lead times and accelerating component delivery to your customers. Please reach out to Rock West Composites with any questions about this product line OR customization.</p>

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