Raw 2 Reality

Give your product traction and
save some $$$ too!

Your very own carbon fiber "Kickstarter"!

Have a great idea that you're itching to get off the ground!? Want a deal on your Raw materials? You have come to the right place!

  1. Tell us about your Gizmo, and qualify for a 7.5% discount on the Rock West Raw materials required to build it
  2. Once your Gizmo is market-ready, qualify for an additional 7.5% off! (On top of website posted volume pricing!)
  3. We buy your Gizmos through a mutual distribution agreement and sell them on our website for and with you!

Yes, indeed, that makes this a Win - Win - Win! Join us and make your Gizmo a Reality!  

Although we do not require an NDA, you may require one to protect the privacy of your idea. You can download our blank NDA and fill in the details with your submission OR you can supply your own NDA. If you supply your own NDA, we require that it not be in effect longer than 3 years and that all confidential content is clearly labeled.

Why should you participate?

  • Discounts, & potentially greater discounts!
  • Rock West Composites marketing channels including
  • Rock West Composites organic website traffic
  • Potential for dedicated SEO for your product
  • Display & or Re-Marketing of your product
  • Your product will be respected and protected under our mutual NDA OR you are free to supply your own.
  • We are the manufacturer & you won't find better product for less anywhere!

Please email with questions or applications. Please understand this program is in its infancy and as such we will do our best to provide your team with near immediate feedback as well as the best advice possible!

Contact: info@rockwestcomposites.com