INFINITube Round Telescoping Tubing & Systems

INFINITube Round Telescoping Tubing & Systems

Rock West Composites proudly introduces the most innovative system of telescoping tubing products using round, carbon fiber tubing. We’ve named it INFINITube, and it is available in three tubing lineups: TW (Tapered Wall); V (Versatile); and UL (Ultra Light). The INFINITube family is the ideal system for creating collapsible and open booms. Applications include outriggers and push poles for the fishing industry, tripods for photography and engineering, and specific application types, such as extended window washing poles.

Here's a rundown:


19 diameters | 0.250" to 2.500" | This is a "build your own" system.

Characteristics: Large variety of diameters in standard and intermediate modulus carbon fiber are available with more options to come. Uses a variety of connectors or design your own. Capable of creating lengths up to 50 feet or more!

Use button clips, push button ball lock pins or you can design your own. Specially designed clamps (size 2) are now available. Additional sizes coming soon! 

Benefit: INFINITubeV is called “Versatile” because it allows you to build your own unique features right from the start.

9 diameters | 0.875" to 1.875" | Designed for (but not limited to) use with our telescoping flip lever clamps.

Characteristics: Available in standard modulus 2x2 twill carbon fiber with some colored options as well. Wall thickness decreases with tube diameter sizes. In other words, the largest tube, size 9, has a wall thickness of 0.06" and the smallest tube, size 1, has a wall thickness of 0.035". This system uses a specially designed telescoping flip lever clamps.

Benefit: INFINITubeTW is known for it's "Tapered Wall". Easy to make customizable, fully assembled telescoping systems. A true plug and play solution.  


6 diameters | 0.709" to 1.290" | Designed for (but not limited to) use with our compression rings.

Characteristics:  Unidirectional carbon tubing. Available as a fully assembled product. Thin wall and light weight for light duty applications, such as mic booms or monopods (Currently only INFINITubeUL has fully assembled options) | 4 options | 19" to over 300"

Benefit: INFINITubeUL borrows it's name from its Ultra Light qualities. Lowest weight of all the three tubing lineups. Offers ready-to-go, fully assembled versions.