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Carbon + Silver Texalium

Looking for an alternative look of our classic hexagonal shaped tubing? Look no further, we've got you covered. Are you interested in a diameter not listed? Just ask us about it, we will likely build it for you! Allow us to highlight a few benefits and features of our silver texalium overwrapped hexagonal composite tubes.

  • Allows for the "clocking" of your product or assembly
  • Can be used in a telescoping fashion - Diameters in the lineup "play-well" with one-another with use of our low friction tape
  • "Off-Axis" plies allow for a nicely balanced layup. Majority of products contain ~50% +/-45° plies and a blend of 0°'s
  • Great for torque, bending & tension
  • Easily mount equipment & hardware to the ID or the OD
  • Standard dimensions allow for easy component machining if / when needed
  • Radius corners allow for efficient stress transfer plus;
  • Let's just say it, they're just plain good looking


Carbon + Silver Texalium Products
Must be purchased at full length listed but we can cut and machine most to order. Select "Add/Customize" to choose your desired customizations.
Shaped ID 1 (Flat to Flat)
  1. 1.000" to 1.249" (1)
Shaped OD 1 (Flat to Flat)
  1. 1.000" to 1.249" (1)
  1. Hexagonal (1)
Tube And Rod Finish
  1. Cello Wrap Gloss (1)
  1. General Purpose (1)
  1. Standard Modulus Carbon + Texalium (1)
  1. $82.99 - $82.99 (1)
Wall Thickness
  1. 0.087" to 0.130" (1)

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    • Tube - Hex - Texalium - 1.00 x 1.237 (+Options)

      Tube - Hex - Texalium - 1.00 x 1.237 (+Options)

      Sku: 25601-Tex-Group

      Click "add/ customize" to add full lengths or to select your custom cut length preferences

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