Telescoping Tubing & Accessories

Able to Create Lengths Over 50' ◾ 19 Diameters from 0.25" to 2.5" ◾ Extremely Light Weight & Durable ◾ Collapsible & Easy to Stow

Whether you’re trying to reduce the weight of an unwieldy boat hook or take weight out of a radar mast, our INFINITubeV system solves any telescoping tube need. Collapsible, easy to stow telescoping tubes are perfect for Bimini poles, SUP paddle shafts or whisker poles. Design your own system using this easy to follow chart that shows the range of tubes and compression clamp compatibility.
INFINITube V Tech Specs

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  1. Built To Order
    Images - Whale Poles - Ferruled
  2. All INFINITubeV Tubing
    INFINITubeV - Telescoping Round Tubing (ALL TUBING)
    Starting at $19.99
    SKU: INFINITubeV-Tubes
  3. INFINITubeV - Compression Ring for Telescoping Round Tubes
    Starting at $28.99
  4. Images - Tube Plugs
    Starting at $6.75
    SKU: tube-plugs
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