Grip 6 Carbon Fiber Belt

Sku: Grip6-CF-Belt
Grip 6 Carbon Fiber Belt
Sku: Grip6-CF-Belt
3 Weaves and 2 Belt Colors to Choose From
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Grip 6 Carbon Fiber Belt
Twill Weave Carbon Fiber w/ Black Strap
Sku: Grip6-CF-TW-BLK
Grip 6 Carbon Fiber Belt
Twill Weave Carbon Fiber w/ Grey Strap
Sku: Grip6-CF-TW-GREY
Grip 6 Carbon Fiber Belt
Silver Glass & Carbon Fiber w/ Black Strap
Sku: Grip6-CF-SG-BLK
Grip 6 Carbon Fiber Belt
Silver Glass & Carbon Fiber w/ Grey Strap
Sku: Grip6-CF-SG-GREY
Grip 6 Carbon Fiber Belt
Diamond Weave Carbon Fiber w/ Black Strap
Sku: Grip6-CF-DM-BLK
Grip 6 Carbon Fiber Belt
Diamond Weave Carbon Fiber w/ Grey Strap
Sku: Grip6-CF-DM-GREY


Lightweight, Stylish and Strong.

Ever wonder where our products end up? We are often asked this question and we typically reply with a "From sea to space and most everything in between". Now we can add your waist to that list! We're excited to finally make these great belts avaialble on our website.

Grip 6 approached us over a year ago to help them develop a carbon fiber version of their innovative and sleek belt design and we simply couldn't resist. They have dozens of other metallic styles on their website  however we clearly have an affinity to the composite variants. 

Want to know how a Grip6 belt works? Are you worried about having to put it on and not know how? How about, which size to choose? Check out our videos to find out all of those questions and more. 

Belt Size Chart For Men & Women

If you’ve ever shopped for a new belt, you probably know just how difficult it can be to find the perfect fit. And since pants are sized differently than belts, it’s even more difficult if you’re belt shopping online. However, by using a belt size chart and the advice provided in this article, you can better understand how belts are sized and ensure that all future belt purchases fit perfectly.

Simply Order Your Pant Size

We try hard to keep things simple. If you're wondering what size Grip6 Belt to purchase, just get your pant size. If you're pants are a size 36, get a 36 belt. We promise it will fit.

We often get asked if a size 36 belt means it's 36 inches. No. We have added the right amount of extra belt to make sure it fits properly (for more details on that, read the Nitty Gritty Details below).

If you're between sizes (31 instead of 30 or 32) just be safe and grab the next size up (in this case the 32).

Women's Sizes

To be honest, we don't have a lot of experience with women's pants. We did some research and found this sizing chart that is helpful for converting men's pant size to women's pant size.


If you have any questions or concerns about getting the right size belt, feel free to contact us ( and we'll be happy to help you out. We also offer free exchanges or refunds if necessary.

The Nitty Gritty Details

If you want to nerd out on belt and pant sizing for a bit, read on.

How Pants are Sized

We discovered a lot about pant sizing when we began producing belts for our first kickstarter project. The first thing we learned is that a pant size 36 isn't really 36 inches around. All pants are actually about 3 inches more than the size they claim to be. So a size 36 pant is really about 39 inches. It's probably a conspiracy perpetuated by "Big Pant" conglomerates to make us feel better about ourselves. I apologize if that is slightly depressing news.

How Belts are Usually Sized

Another weird thing we learned is that most belt companies suggest sizing your belt up to the next pant size. So if you were a size 36 pant, you should buy a size 38 belt. Almost everyone does it, but it doesn't make sense to us. Why wouldn't you just make your belts 2 inches longer and tell people to order their standard pant size?

How Grip6 Belts are Sized

We decided to ignore convention and make belts that fit your pants without any additional math calculations. Who likes math anyway? Well, I do, but I'm terrible at doing math in my head and don't want anyone like me to mess up their belt order because they miscalculate the additional 2 inches.

This is what we do to get you the perfect belt size: First, remember how pants are 3 inches larger than they claim? Our buckle is about 3 inches wide, so that compensates for that portion. Next, we cut our webbing the same as the pant size and add 8 inches. We add 8 inches because we found it's just about the perfect amount of extra webbing to make the belt easy to put on and it also gives enough wiggle room for adjustment (like when you're at a buffet and trying to make the restaurant lose money and you eat until you're sick).

Quick Example For a Size 30 Belt

Size 30 Belt = 3 inch buckle  + 38 inch webbing

Additional Information

Additional Information