Energy Industry

Energy Industry

Optimize Harnessing Energy with Advanced Composites ◾ Expertise for Oil & Gas, Renewables

In the ongoing pursuit of efficiency in the energy-harnessing process, making components lighter, stronger and less expensive is achievable with advanced fiber composites including carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass. Our team has experience supporting a variety of energy industry companies, helping them meet boardroom and in-the-field requirements.

Composites for Oil & Gas

For features that this industry may need, carbon fiber can be an ideal material to help reach requirements in that they are stronger, lighter and corrosion resistant. Examples of applications include artificial lift components such as sucker rods. Also fiberglass applications include billets and components for frac plugs.

Composites for Wind, Solar, and Water Power

Our expertise can be utilized for a host of light weight, high strength, corrosion-resistant composite tubes or molded parts to harness alternative energy. For such items as composite wind blades, structures to support solar cell arrays, and marine energy systems to harness power from the ocean, etc., we have vast experience making large, molded, and stable structures that are efficient and cost effective.

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