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Rock West Composites is always on the lookout for great talent. While we are excited about what you can bring to the table, we are also ready to provide our employees a place where they can excel. If you want a place to grow your career, have cool colleagues with which to work, and become a stakeholder in a growing business, this is the place the place for you.

Find Your Greatness with Us

Every hard working, ambitious person wants to be sure they will have opportunities at their next company. We are invested in helping our employees succeed and actively work to create an environment to maximize their creativity and talents. Are you hungry for success, smart in your area of expertise, and humble in your interactions with others? We offer growth, a great team, and all kinds of benefits!


We are growing business that values the quality of its team, and we know that the best employees are ready for opportunity. If you are looking for career growth, you've come to the right place:

  • We hire from within before looking outside for talent.
  • Since we growing at a 30% compounded annual growth rate, there are new jobs and paths for promotion being created regularly.
  • Our employees are empowered to choose their own path and are encouraged to develop their individual development plan.
  • Continuous learning is a company-wide goal and part of our All Team Bonus!
  • We offer reimbursement for work-related education, so you have the opportunity to grow into new positions. Reimbursements of up to $2500 per year.
  • Also, we offer a free LinkedIn Learning License (Online-Training Platform with access to over 13,000 courses) to any employee that is interested in developing and growing their skills.

Join Rock West and grow your career!


Teamwork is valued at Rock West. We work hard to keep a positive work atmosphere for everyone. Our transparency in operations helps everyone understand the goals so we all row the boat in the same direction. We value the "fun factor" too!

  • Since we value transparency, we have quarterly business updates so everyone understands more about how we operate, how we are doing as a business, and what areas in which we can improve. We all are responsible for making the business improve as a team.
  • We also work across departments and locations and encourage positive engagement with bonuses tied to teamwork.
  • We have team competitions to bring out the best in our people. Whether it's a step challenge or other activities to foster healthy living, you can meet new people outside your normal work space and win some prizes by teaming up with your colleagues and trying new things.
  • We have quarterly employee surveys to get feedback on how we are doing and make adjustments accordingly.
  • There are also opportunities for "unofficial fun" as our team enjoys playing as hard as they work. Social time helps us reconnect and build friendships so we better weather the times we get stressed out. (Hey, it happens to the best of us.)

Being a good team member is crucial in our workforce. If you like that way of operating, we are the business for you.


Rock West Composites offers several financial benefits for our employees. Show me the money:

  • We have a 401K match competitive with the market
  • Employees participate in ownership and achievement in our company through our generous Employee Stock Ownership Plan, with employer contributions made in the form of Profit-Sharing Bonus
  • All employees participate in a company wide All Team Bonus of $3,000
  • We benchmark regularly to ensure our compensation plans remain market competitive

Our health and wellness benefits are some of the best you'll find in other similarly-sized businesses.

  • 100% employer paid Medical and & Dental for the employee and 55% employer contribution towards dependents
  • 100% employer paid Basic Life and AD&D
  • We offer a comprehensive suite of additional benefits: vision, supplemental life, AD&D, disability, hospital and accident plans
  • We provide an Employee Assistance Program for anything life throws your way whenever you need it at no cost to our employees
  • We are focused on our 3 keys to wellness: Mind, Body and Money to help us be the best version of ourselves. We run several fun challenges throughout the year focused on each of these areas with the opportunity to win prizes!!!

We Make the Magic of Composites Accessible to the World

We know we don't have a business without our customers. Their success is paramount to our success. By keeping a close eye on the financial basis of the business, we make sure we are viable for the long-haul, so we are there for our team members and our customers. We are all owners.

Happy Customers

It's our mission to make our customers more successful by providing the resources, tools and structure to our motivated team of employee-owners. Through our employees, we equip our customers with the knowledge, products, and solutions they need to grow their business and maintain their competitive edge. Our team offers creative solutions to complex problems, understanding that innovative approaches can save money and time. We strive to be easy to buy from. And being one of the first companies to commodify composites, we understand how to maximize cost and schedule for the best return on investment.

Sound Financials

It's important that we provide our customers the solutions they need affordably. But we also need to be there tomorrow when they need us. Our team members must be aware of cost efficiencies and keep in mind the health of our business. We are a financially stable company that is invested in the long run. Our goals is to be solvent enough to take on whatever our customers need and deliver that for years to come. We also take care of our employees to retain the best talent.


We are transparent in our dealing with others and our team because this business belongs to all of us. We are owners through our Employee Stock Ownership Program. Each and everyone of us has an investment in our businesses success and by extension the success of our customers. Every decision by every team member affects the bottom line. It's empowering to know that you matter.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Lots of places claim to be a great place to work, but we think the best of our company is shown through the eyes of our employees. Here are some thoughts from members of our team in their words about their experiences. This speaks to the community, day to day work, growth and opportunity. As our CEO is fond of saying, "It's about the people!"

Wayne Taylor, Director of Operations

“I have been with Rock West for over 7 years. I have learned and continue to strive to be a better leader. I enjoy not only the wonderful people I work with, but the interesting, sometimes awesome customers we interact with, many of who we have done multiple projects with over many years. I like to think my experience, contacts in industry, and work ethic and approach have all played a big part in Rock West’s growth.

Working at Rock West has allowed me to be part of some really exciting projects and do some truly awesome things. Others who I talk to about what I do at work and the people I work with are always jealous and want to be part of the team.”

Mike Zavell, Director of Business Development

“My first glimpse of the culture at Rock West was during my first interview. Rylan was giving me a tour of the plant and he knew the name of every single person we came across….and he gave me each person’s personal story! That made a big impression on me. I left the Center for Innovative Cultures at the Gore School of Business to join Rock West. At the Center, we helped organizations like Jet Blue and Utah Transit Authority create cultures where people were excited to come to work – so we knew a lot about what makes a business a great place to work. And that was my number one criteria when I was considering joining Rock West.

What I saw (and see) is a company where the employees are really valued. RWC invests in us as employees – “monthly learnings” and tuition reimbursement programs, generous benefits, we’re asked our preferences about our benefit plans and we have regular fun companywide events. Transparency is everywhere - monthly meetings and frequent all hands meetings are examples that jump to mind. We’re given a lot of freedom to do our jobs and take on responsibility but are well supported. We’re certainly held accountable for delivering on our jobs, but I find the team here always has each other’s backs. It seems like a place where people bring that extra enthusiasm to work every day – people go the extra mile. It’s not “thank God it’s Friday” - I really think people look forward to getting here Monday morning!”

William Phillips, Production Supervisor

“I took the composites program course at Salt Lake Community College. While there we went on tours of local companies in the composite industry. I really liked what I saw when we came to Rock West. I could tell there was potential to grow in the company. My first day was November 11, 2013. I started with molding the Hans device. After about a year I started moving around and learning the different processes that we had. I then became a “floater”. I would do different tasks depending what was the highest priority, cleaning, rolling, molding, packaging, etc. After about 2.5 years at Rock West I was then promoted to a supervisor position. I have now been a supervisor for about 3.5 years. I have learned new skills, taken on more tasks, and learned how to deal with different challenges that arise each day. I just want to add that I wouldn’t be in the position I am today with out the help and the support of my co-workers and the amazing management team that Rock West has developed.

I have been with Rock West for a total of 6 Years. I love that Rock West feels like family. I don’t feel like I’m just another number that shows up every day. It’s nice knowing that you can have a conversation on a personal level with anyone from a first day hire, to upper management and it feels as though no one is above anyone else. We are all on the same TEAM.

What’s been good for me is that I have been able to learn many new skills at Rock West. My knowledge of composites has grown. I have learned how to manage a team, which is something that I have never done before. I have learned how to take something that looks impossible and turn it into a detailed plan that can be executed by the due dates.

What’s been good for the company is that Rock West allows employees to learn and grow with training and support, which allows them to become life-long employees of the company who are specialized in their field.”

Mike Bjarnson, Master Planner

“I started at Rock west Composites as a technician. I have since progressed to Assistant Production Manager, then Production Manager, and now as Master Planner. Both assistant Production manager and master Planner were new positions that I filled as we had new needs while the company grew.

I have worked for Rock West since May of 2010. I love how included I feel in decisions that affect the entire company. The quarterly meetings with Jim Gormican help me understand how the company is doing and definitely gives me a sense of job security knowing exactly what is going on with the company at any given time. I have been able to grow professionally and have learned a lot from my leaders in how a company should be run and how to improve myself professionally as well as just as a person."

Adrian Corbett, Director of Enterprise Business Development

“I have been with Rock West for 5 years now and this has been an awesome team to work with. The Rock West staff have been carefully selected over the years and this has created a fantastic work environment with everyone pulling in the same direction and very helpful to one another. We have great tools to work with and we produce really exciting projects for our customers in aerospace, ground based systems and marine applications with a significant emphasis on Unmanned Air Systems. I enjoy working on cutting edge technologies and helping to make our customers projects come to life with the support of the great team we have here at Rock West.”

Tiffany Saenz, Manufacturing Engineer

“I started at Rock West Composites in 2011 as the first Technician. From there I was mentored by professionals who have 20+ years of experience. I am now a Manufacture Engineer – Planner 1. My two favorite things about my job is R&D, and that my co-workers are my friends. We continue to build on our previous experience and develop new and efficient processes together. I am so thankful to be at a company that pushes itself to do more than previously thought possible, as well as pushing me to grow in my career, to be the best I can be. If you want to grow in the Aerospace and Composite Industry, work hard and play hard, and aren’t satisfied with doing the same thing day-in and day-out but want to push your limits and grow, then there is a place for you here and I’d like to invite you to be a part of our Rock West Family.”

Anthony Fairhurst, Composite Engineer

“I started as a Composite Technician in 2017 while completing my undergrad in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah. During the times I needed to focus on school at the University of Utah, Rock West was more than happy switch me to part time so I could finish my degree. Rock West also rewarded me with a scholarship to aid in my final semester. Once I graduated, I wanted to use my engineering degree at Rock West but there was not a position for someone of my experience (or lack thereof), so they created one for me! I became an Engineering Technician and was taken under the wing of some engineers so they could show me the engineering ropes of Rock West Composites. After 6 months in that position, I was promoted yet again to become a Composites Engineer.

I have been with Rock West for 2 and a half years now. The amazing people and friendly environment are some of the great things that make Rock West an awesome place to work. From quarterly meetings to party-bus shuttled company parties, everyone is comfortable to where communication is easy and everyone is listened to. It has been great for me being able to move up in the company and take on more responsibilities, some new and some familiar, as I progress in my career in life and at Rock West. Rock West as a company has also benefited on my eagerness to move up in the company as some manufacturing familiarities did not need to be taught as I had firsthand experience of operations on the factory floor at Rock West.”

Mike Wong, Production Manager

“I joined Rock West Composites about year ago as a Project Engineer. My desire to be part of a growing company involved with designing, manufacturing, and distributing composites to vastly diverse industries, was just one of the appealing attributes of Rock West Composites. Since day one of my employment, I’ve felt like my opinions and ideas have made a difference. Rock West provides a workplace that allows for creativity and is empowering for employees. Two months ago, I was promoted to Production Manager at our Utah facility. This transition has allowed me to engage with a larger team and focus on making the magic of composite technologies accessible to the world!”

Our Locations

While we are all on the same team, we do slightly different work at our different facilities. We organize our work around centers of excellence. Check out the individual facility pages to get a better idea of what kind of work is done at each plant. Look at the location pages to see where the facility is located in the respective metro area. Hiring for our facility in Baja California is handled separately.

Learn More and Keep in Touch!

Still not sure we're right for you? You can find out more from other people and from us in the future. Read about us as an employer on Glassdoor. See what our customers say about us on our Customer Reviews page, which includes Trustpilot. And join our newsletter and keep an eye on what's going on. We believe in transparency so feel free to research what others say about us.

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