Excellent Carbon Fiber Selection • Rapid Shipping Everything You Need for Your Project • Cost Effective


Rock West Composites offers a comprehensive selection of products in our store available for you to begin your composite project right away. We have over 3000 SKUs in stock and most are available to be shipped within 24 hours. We take custom service seriously and do our best to provide fast, accurate, and friendly service to all our customers including the makers and DIYers. No customer is too small for our best effort.

We are known for our carbon fiber tube selection, but we also offer fiberglass, aramid, flax and hybrid tubes. We offer cutting and sanding services for the vast majority of our tubes with a variety of tolerances. You can add the details when you order for an easy, hassle free purchase.

We also offer rods, plates of all types and sizes, materials, tools, connectors, and accessories. Our products will allow you build complex projects with strict engineering requirements using off-the-shelf selections. For example, check out our ZTE tubes that have near zero thermal expansion! Or look at our telescoping tubing systems that allow you to develop your own telescoping system based on your specific needs.

We offer excellent prices for those looking for quality carbon fiber product, and we offer lower cost options if you are just getting into composites. If you need very high volume, call us and we’ll be happy to help. And remember, if you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us today to discuss our custom building capability.